Jammu & Kashmir Std Code

 STD Details  
AnantnagJammu & kashmir
BadgamJammu & kashmir
BandipurJammu & kashmir
BaramullaJammu & kashmir
BasholiJammu & kashmir
BedarwahJammu & kashmir
DodaJammu & kashmir
JammuJammu & kashmir
KalakotJammu & kashmir
KargilJammu & kashmir
KarnahJammu & kashmir
KathuaJammu & kashmir
KishtwarJammu & kashmir
KulgamJammu & kashmir
KupwaraJammu & kashmir
LehJammu & kashmir
MahoreJammu & kashmir
NobraJammu & kashmir
NowsheraJammu & kashmir
NyomaJammu & kashmir
PadamJammu & kashmir
PahalgamJammu & kashmir
PoonchJammu & kashmir
PulwamaJammu & kashmir
RajouriJammu & kashmir
RambanJammu & kashmir
RamnagarJammu & kashmir
ReasiJammu & kashmir
SambaJammu & kashmir
SoporeJammu & kashmir
SrinagarJammu & kashmir
UdhampurJammu & kashmir
UriJammu & kashmir

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Last Updated on : December 2, 2015



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