Loha Mandi Agra

The big region of Loha Mandi in Agra encompasses within it several places. It is located to the west of the city center. The place is the residential and commercial center of Agra, Uttar pradesh. It is well connected to the center which lies at a distance of 7 kms.

Loha Mandi would earlier be the hub of iron based products. The name of the area is the Hindi derivative for the market of iron products. The area earlier had a monopoly in the production and marketing of materials of iron. It is still renowned for its market complexes, some of which are the best in the city. The markets are known now for the leather and marble products that they sell.

The region of Loha Mandi covers a huge area and has several places located within it. Some of these places are Hanuman Nagar, Goalpura, Khatehna, Sirki Mandi, Nauvasta, Saket Colony, Kishorpur, Ramnagar, Bhimnagar and Alam Ganj. The Ram Ratan Road connects the region to the eastern side of Agra while Ratan Muni Road connects Loha Mandi to the south of the city. At a distance of 5 kms lies the Idgah bus stand and the nearest railway station is Raja Ki Mandi, 3 kms away from Loha Mandi.

The chief attraction in Loha Mandi is the frequently visited Jaipur House located in the center of the region.. There are various shopping areas within the region. Various articles of leather and marble are sold here at a good bargain. The market for iron products have declined compared to its earlier status in the marketing of iron. A famous handicrafts shop located in the region is:

Bipin Handicrafts
159-161, Jaipur House Market
Agra - 282010
Phone: 2310265, Fax: 2310433

The region of Loha Mandi is easily accessible by rail and bus routes in the city. The crowded locality is a popular hub of Agra.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013