Ambalapuzha Temple

Ambalapuzha is regarded as the land of Lord Krishna and the Ambalapuzha temple is dedicated to the deity. It is one of the finest examples of Kerelean architecture. The architecture and the porridge of the Ambalapuzha temple is famous all over Kerala. The temple was built in 800A.D. by Chembakasseri Pooradam. There are tours from Alappuzha to Ambalapuzha temple, which is 14 kilometers from Alleppey. The best time to visit the place is during September to March.

The origin of the temple dates back in the times of the legendary sage, Vilwamangalam Swaamiyar. Devnarayana Raja gave his kingdom to Sreekrishnan and took the name of Devnarayan. The idol is like Parthasaarathi holding a whip in the right hand and a shankhu in the left hand. The Pallipana dance is also performed in the temple's premises by the Velans or sorcerers, once in twelve years and human sacrifices were also sacrificed in ancient times.

Alappuzha is conveniently connected to other cities. It is close to the Cochin International Airport and taxis and buses ply on a regular basis to carry passengers to their desired destinations. Trains run from Alappuzha to the main cities of Kerala.

Visitors planning an Alappuzha vacation, then they should visit the Ambalapuzha temple to learn more ad more about Kerala art and architecture.

Last Updated on 05 May 2011