Arthunkal is located in the coastal area of Kerala. It is 8 kilometers from Cherthala and about 22 kilometers from Alappuza. Arthunkal is an important destination for Tours from Alappuzha. It is situated between 90?05’ North to 90?52’ North and 76?17’ East to 76?48’ East. The moist and hot climate makes Arthunkal a great Alappuzha Tourist Spot and thus tourists from far wide visit the place.

The nearest railway station from Arthunkal is Cherthala, which is about 6 kilometers away. The nearest airport, which is the Cochin International Airport, is about 85 kilometers away from Alappuzha.

Arthunkal was earlier known as Arthikulangara .The Shiva temple is an important temple of the region and the distance from the temple and the sea is about 2 kilometers. Arthunkal is also well known for the famous St.Sebastian's feast at the St.Andrews Forane Church. It is a significant pilgrim center for the Christians. Thousands of pilgrims come here every year for the feast, which is from 10th to 27th January. The ten-day festival ends with a grand ritual in which the devotees crawl on their knees all the way from the nearby beach to the church.

The Church in Arthunkal was built after 1579, when Muthedathu, Elayidathu ruler gave permission to build churches.

Last Updated on 05 May 2011