Bhavnagar Lock Gate

Bhavnagar Lock Gate is a popular tourist spots in the city of Bhavnagar in Gujarat, India. It enables the ships to remain afloat when the tide is low.

Bhavnagar Lock Gate is one of the most frequently visited tourist spots in the city. The Lock Gate in Bhavnagar is the only its kind in the city and the 1st one to be built in the state of Gujarat.

Lock Gate Location

The Lock Gate of Bhavnagar is situated in a dockyard of the city that was built 100 years ago. It is a very old dry dock of the country, which is still operational. It is at present used for the making of ships.

Bhavnagar Lock Gate in action

The Lock gates impound the sea-water in order to keep the ships floating in the time of low tides. One can watch the lock gates in action after taking special permission. Among the various places to see in Bhavnagar, the Lock Gate is surely a popular tourist choice.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012