Talaja, located only 54 km from Bhavnagar, is famous for the Buddhist Caves and a Jain Temple. It is also the birthplace of the famous Gurati poet Narsingh Mehta.

Tours from Bhavnagar include visiting Talaja, which is situated on a 350 feet volcanic hill in Gujarat. Talaja is located only 54 kilometers from the city of Bhavnagar, in the name sake district. The main attraction of this place is a Jain temple situated at the intersection of Shetrunji and Talaji rivers.

Talaja is also known for the Buddhist caves. These ancient caves are now cut and made into small conical rocks. The number of caves amount to 30, which are facilitated with 16 to 20 water tanks. Ebhal Mandap, which is a huge hall, is inside one of these caves. There are vedika broad windows known as chaitya at the entrance of the hall. Ebhal Mandap measures 23 meters in length, 21 meters in breadth and 15.5 meters in height.

There is another famous cave, which is dedicated to Kalvo Daitya. Talaja is also known as the birthplace of Narsingh Mehta, who is a famous Gujarati poet and saint.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012