Gopnath Beach

Gopnath Beach, located on the Gulf of Khambat, in Bhavnagar district, was the former summer residence of the Gohil Rulers. The place is famous for its natural beauty, pristine limestone cliffs, and the brilliant flora and fauna that abound on its shores. One of the major tourist attractions of the place is the Temple of Gopnath Mahadev. The summer residence of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji, built in the style of Gothic architecture, is also a must visit destination.

Gopnath Beach is located on the coastal area of the Gulf of Khambat, approximately 75 km from Bhavnagar in Gujarat. Gopnath was once the summer residence of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji, the ruler of Bhavnagar. It once served as the "taluka" headquarters of Bhavnagar. Gopmath Beach is renowned for its natural beauty, its pristine limestone cliffs, and the brilliant flora and fauna that abound on its shores. The place offers an excellent place for relaxation far away from the din and hustle-bustle of "city pent". The gentle breeze of the sea, refresh the spirit and soothes the soul. The peculiar tidal variance of the coastal region does not provide a particularly attractive proposition for a long swim.

One of the major tourist attractions of the place is the Temple of Gopnath Mahadev. A beautiful mansion built by the Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji in the 1940's has now been converted into a heritage building with accommodation facilities for the guests. The majority of the tourists flock to this palatial building to admire its immaculate beauty.

Air, Land and Train Routes

Gopnath has an excellent infrastructural network, connecting it by rail and bus to the nearby city of Ahmadabad. Another way of approaching the place is by traveling first to Bhavnagar, which has an array of trains, buses and private coaches to take tourists to Gopnath. Lots of flights are available to Bhavnagar from Mumbai, (which is an international airport of India) and Surat. Bhavnagar is also connected by the Western Railways of India. A number of buses and coaches also offer inter-state transportation to Bhavnagar.

Residential Arrangements

Hotel arrangements in Gopnath Beach are few and scarce. So, it would be a good option to arrange for accommodations at Bhavnagar, which has an impressive array of hotels and resorts. One can avail the Gopnath Bungalow, a private mansion, built upon rocky shores, located in the southward region of Bhavnagar. The Neelambagh Palace is also another attractive option for tourists.

Birdwatcher's Haven

The thing that attracts tourists to this place is its breathtaking beauty. The pictorial sea beach upon which colorful birds alight, offers a pleasing sight to the eye. The rocky sea shores are a wonderful place to sit and contemplate. The pristine sea beach is good for taking long walks. However, the place is not favorable for a long swim due to high tidal disparity.

The Shrine of Gopnath Mahadev

The Temple of Gopnath Mahadev, a 700 year old shrine, is one of the major tourist attractions of the place. The Temple houses two shrines - Vishnu and Shiva. The Temple hoists flags of two colors. The white flag depicts the Shrine of Vishnu, and the saffron flag denotes the Shiva Temple. The famous poet Narsinh Mehta is believed to have attained his enlightenment at this temple. The Temple is surrounded by a number of budget hotels.

Palatial mansions of the Gohil Rulers

The summer residence of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Sinjhi, one of the richest rulers of India, is a must visit site. Built in the 1940ís, the mansion presently houses a residential complex, along with office chambers and cottages for the guests. Gopnath Bungalow, a sea-side resort of the Gohil rulers, is a fascinating place. Built according to the norms of Gothic architecture, the bungalow affords a breathtaking view of the gulf.

Kathiawari Cuisine

Tourists enjoy the mouth-watering dishes available at this place. One must partake of the scrumptious meal comprising of fresh sea food and delicious home-cooked cuisine of Kathiawar, which embodies the true essence of this place.

Gopnath Beach is a breathtaking hamlet, complete with its rocky shores, immaculate limestone cliffs and the sheer beauty of the sea beach. A former summer resort of the Gohil rulers, the place is fascinating with its varied flora and fauna, lovely beach and the cool breezes of the sea.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012