Velavadar Sanctuary

The Velavadar Sanctuary is a refuge for a special kind of antelopes of Indian origin known as Black Bucks. It is a wonderful place replete with natural beauty and tourists love to go for a short tour from Bhavnagar to Velavadar Sanctuary.

Velavadar Sanctuary is the place in Bhavnagar that all the animal lovers out there will fall in love with. It is the place where the rare black bucks are found. It is situated in the region of Bhal in Saurashtra. It is a lovely option for the tourists to go for a quick tour from Bhavnagar to Velavadar National Park.

Velavadar National Park

The place is considered one of the finest ecosystem of the grassland level and it well known for the successful Black buck conservation. Among the Places to see in Bhavnagar, the Sanctuary of Velavadar is visited the most by all kinds of tourists. The largest population of the black bucks at present is found in Velvadar Sanctuary of Bhavnagar.

Black bucks in Velavadar Sanctuary

The Black bucks are the fastest antelopes of Indian origin. These are graceful looking animals and have circular horns.

Blackbuck National Park

Last Updated on 23 July 2012