Gaurishankar Lake

The Gaurishankar lake, which is surrounded by a palace, a planetarium and a garden, is a must visit place in Bhavnagar. The area around it is also a great picnic spot.

Gaurishankar Lake is situated in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It is a famous picnic spot and is a very beautiful place. The lake poses a wonderful view since it is surrounded by hills on all sides. This spectacular lake amidst the hills is also well known for bird watching. The visitor would get an opportunity to witness the geese, cranes, ducks, pelicans and waders during the summer months. There is also a planetarium situated beside the lake. Children specially would be excited to view the heavenly bodies around the earth. The planetarium could also educate children regarding astronomy.

Events Organized at the Lake

The Gaurishankar Lake is a dry lake and the place is presently used for holding fairs and picnics. There is a garden around the lake called the Pil Garden and there is also a palace known as the Bhav Vilas palace which a historical spot. A number of events are organized here and this helps in enhancing the popularity of the place.

History of the Place

This place was built under the supervision of the Deewan of Bhavnagar, Gaurishankar Oza who was also a famous personality in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. There is a temple of Lord Shiva since he was a believer of the same and a residential building rests at the place where the royal family used to put up.

The Bhavnagar Lake, which is also known as the Gaurishankar Lake, is a beautiful place where one could witness a number of other attractions at the same place.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012