Madhya Pradesh sited in the heart of Central India is renowned for its age-old history and splendid cultural legacy. The panoramic vistas, architectural edifices and tribal villages make Madhya Pradesh a delightful tourist destination. Amongst, the notable tourist attractions dotting the landscape of Madhya Pradesh, the primordial Bhojpur town holds a special place.

Bhojpur town owes its nomenclature to its founder, the celebrated Parmar King of Dhar, Raja Bhoj who is also credited to be the generous patron responsible for the creation of Bhopal city. Bhojpur's claim to fame rests in the stunning and venerable Bhojeswar Temple of Lord Shiva and the picturesque Cyclopean dam.

The revered shrine of Lord Shiva is famed for its historicity and architectural splendor. Thus it has been aptly conferred the nom de plume, the Somnath of the east. An interesting fact about the temple is that it was never fully completed. Amongst the relics that have been unearthed, the earthen pedestal used to elevate the level of the dome still stands untouched and unaffected by the ravages of time.

A splendid example of the architectural splendor of the ancient India in the 11th and 12th centuries, the Bhojeswar tourist is a rage with tourists, pilgrims, erudite scholars as well as researchers. An imposing lingam that towers at a height of 7.5 feet and a substantial circumference of 17.8 feet has been established on a majestic chopine, consolidated by three limestone blocks and occupying a generous 21.5 sq. feet area is another talking point of Bhojpur's Bhojeswar Temple.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012