Madhya Pradesh jewel in the crown Panchmarhi is a delightful paradise encircled by lofty jungle-clad mountains, enveloped by picturesque and serene forests and laced by the cascades of rippling rivers. Another claim to Pancharmi's fame rests in the fact that the virgin enclave, sitting in the lap of nature, is an eminent archaeological site.

The dark and formidable interiors of the caves in Panchamari's Mahadeo Hills enrapture tourists by their collection of vibrant rock paintings that date back to the era spanning between 500AD-800AD. In fact, extensive studies have revealed that the earliest rock paintings are over 10,000 years old.

Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers chanced upon the saucer shaped vale that makes up Panchmarhi when out on one of his usual escapades. A popular tourist getaway this an oasis of idyllic green continues to bear telltale symbols of its colonial past that has managed to stand untouched by the ravages of time.

Captain Forsyth's opportune discovery in the year, Priyadarshini that is also known as Forsyth Point, in honor of its finder is an exquisite resort opulent in churches and other colonial buildings. The cascading ripples of the Jamuna Prapat or the Bee Fall and the shimmering bathing pools, glittering like a mirage of quicksilver are also some of the natural wonders of Pachmarhi.

The deep gorges and ravines at Handi Khoh, the extraordinary bathing pool Apasara Vihar that boasts of a divine, unearthly beauty, the Big Falls or the Rajat Prapat waterfalls sited amidst dense wilderness and the Satpura National Park and Bison Lodge that depict Madhya Pradesh's natural diversity are some of the other highlights of Pachmari tourism that make it a delight to visit the land of dreams.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012