Sadar Manzil

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh located amidst picturesque settings around two artificial lakes. The city is marked with wonderful architectural structures comprising of mosques and palaces and delicately decorated parks and gardens. Among the various architectural wonders of Bhopal the Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil occupies a place of eminence.

Both oriental and occidental ways of architecture are quite evident from the building of Shaukat Mahal. The western influence is apparent on the architecture. It is said to be designed by a Frenchman who belonged to the Bourbon Dynasty of France. The architecture of Shaukat Mahal is unlike the other Islamic structures located close to it.

The magnificent Shaukat Mahal has a large hall known as the Sadar Manzil. During the princely period the Sadar Manzil in Bhopal was used as a Hall of Public Audience. This brick-red building has an ostentatious appearance, and the gardens that surround the palace makes the Manzil look as pretty as a postcard.

The Shaukat Mahal is a splendid palace made of white alabaster and has a series of arches, which are intricately carved and triangular in shape. Exquisite floral motives are carved on the outside of the palace that gives the Mahal a very unique appearance. The Sadar Manzil is elegant and stately. The structure is made of red bricks, which looks very attractive. The well-maintained garden with varied species of plants enhances the beauty of the palace and also the Manzil.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012