Shaukat Mahal

The Shaukat Mahal is situated at the entrance of the bustling chowk area of Bhopal city in Madhya Pradesh where once existed the old city of Shahjehanabad. The Mahal is a melting pot of oriental and occidental styles of art and architecture. It is believed that the idea of Shaukat Mahal has been conceived and designed by a decadent Frenchman who is supposed to be a descendant of the renowned Bourbon Dynasty of France.

While the Islamic style dominates the structures of Bhopal, the Shaukat Mahal in Bhopal has an Islamic name but a very distinct architecture. Medieval Gothic style and post- Renaissance styles have been blended harmoniously to make this very unique structure in Bhopal.

The Shaukat Mahal of Bhopal once served as the palace of Bhopal Nawab and is truly an architectural beauty. The triangular - shaped arches adorn the ceiling of Shaukat Mahal and the sprawling alabaster - white building is patterned with intrinsic floral patterns on its outer walls. The adjoining brick red building of Sadar Manzil served as a Hall of Public Audience.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012