Madhya Pradesh , situated in the heart of the Indian subcontinent is famed for a multitude of reasons. The age-old history, quintessential tribal culture, natural beauty and majestic palaces and other archaeological edifices and heritage sites make it a very desirable holiday destination. Another eminent site, Sanchi was a product of Ashoka's passionate fervor for the widespread proliferation of Buddhism.

The propinquity to Bhopal and the prosperous city, Vidisha was the key factor that contributed to the establishment of a Buddhist pilgrimage site . The strategic location and the tranquil quietude also make Sanchi the idyllic destination for meditation. Of course, it cannot be ignored that the Buddhist settlements in Sanchi flourished mainly due to the generous patronage of the rich merchant communities inhabiting the nearby towns.

Emperor Ashoka, zealously driven to promulgate the Buddhist doctrines set up a monolithic pillar in the site where he set up a monolithic pillar. Emperor Ashoka was responsible for the construction of a total of 8 stupas in Sanchi that stand amongst one of the world's eminent pilgrimage sites.

Over the years Sanchi stupas have shed much of their former glory and stood in a dilapidated and tatterdemalion state. However the years spanning between 1912 and 1919 saw earnest attempts being made to restore the stupas to their former venerable position.

The Sanchi Stupas, the pride of Madhya Pradesh are a hallmark of the rich cultural potpourri and religious fervor that characterized ancient India. A journey to these heritage sites make the excursions from Bhopal highly enjoyable.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012