Hospitals in Bijapur

Bijapur hospitals have dedicated themselves in curing the ailing patients and bettering health standards. There are a number of hospitals in Bijapur, which provide round the clock service.

List of Hospitals in Bijapur

Some of the eminent hospitals in Bijapur are:

  • Al- Ameen Hospital: This hospital have been serving the poor and the needy with health care. The hospital owns more than 200 beds and 25 expert doctors, well trained nurses and staff members work round the clock to cater to the needs of the ailing patients. The hospital is also a center for training and nurses and other medical technicians.

  • Apollo Hospitals: This is on of the eminent hospitals in India. The hospital aims at providing health care matching international standards. In order to live to its dream the hospital uses innovative technology and equipments to provide standardized health care.

  • Infosys Healthcare: This hospital is a contribution to the mankind by the Infosys group. The group has made several contribution for the betterment of health care. Since inception, the health care institution have been beneficial to both the urban and poor. The institute distribute free medicines, arranges for health camps and built many wards to provide health care facilities.

The Bijapur Hospitals have been effectively serving the ailing patients with the help of latest technology.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012