Hospitals in Panaji

Panaji hospitals are said to provide all kinds of advanced medical facilities to the to the local inhabitants of the city. Hospitals in Panaji are equipped with some of the best doctors, nurses and medical staff in the country. Thus people from various states within India come to Panaji for treatment of a wide range of ailments and illnesses. These hospitals maintain a high level of hygiene and sanitation. Most of the good hospitals are located in the central region of Panaji. Hospitals in Panaji are growing in large numbers in order to provide medical assistance to more and more individuals. These health care centers are known to inculcate a sense of health consciousness amongst the local people.

List of Hospitals in Panaji

Some of the most reputed hospitals of Panaji are as follows:
  • Dr. Bhandare Hospital
  • Manipal Goa Cancer & General Hospital
  • Sardesai Nursing Home
  • T.B. & Chest Hospital

Public as well a private hospitals are running successfully in the land of Panaji. The hospitals are known to provide very good emergency services. All kinds of hospitals are available ranging from very expensive to economic ones in order to cater to the vast number of patients hailing from different economic backgrounds. The doctors and the nursing staff are highly approachable. The government run hospitals often provide free medical assistance to those who cannot afford the cost of many treatments. Patients within the hospitals are given intensive care. The ministry of health is indeed taking serious measures to bring about a betterment in the condition of the hospitals and nursing homes.

Last Updated on: 15/05/2013