Dash-n-Splash, Chennai

Dash-n-Splash in Chennai is an amusement park located about 30 kilometers away from the city of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu. The park is on the national highway number 4, which leads to Bangalore. The amusement park is based at Mevallur Kuppam Village in Chennai. The administrative office of the park is situated in the city itself, at Tambu Chetty Street.

Dash-n-Splash of Chennai is an amazing water retreat which covers a huge area in the Mevallur Kuppam Village. The park has plenty of water reservoirs and shaded locations which gives you a total family refreshment. The water slides are the most popular events to the visitors at Dash-N-Splash of Chennai.

The Wave Slide, Free-Fall Slide and Spiral slide at Dash-n-Splash of Chennai gives you lifetime joy and excitement. A slide is there which is 30 feet high and from there it falls into the water. It undoubtedly deserves a high esteem at the park. Slides with lesser heights are provided for the children. Apart from these popular falls, here you can find swimming pools, a man made rainfall shower and a man made water fall.

The park is provided with a cafeteria that brings you only vegetarian stuff. A number of small shops are also there within the park which sell articles like eatables, costumes, etc.

Dash-n-Splash of Chennai is open throughout the week, including the holidays. The time of visiting this beautiful park is between 10 am and 7 pm.

The entry fee at the Dash-n-Splash of Chennai is Rs 90 per head. Dash-n-Splash also gives you membership offers. For further information please call on the given telephone numbers - 91356200, 91356211.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011