Big Mosque, Chennai

Big Mosque, Chennai

The Big Mosque Chennai is located in the Janbazar area of Triplicane in Chennai, along Wallajah Road. It is one of the most beautiful mosques in this capital city. The mosque is located a short distance away from the Queiad-e-Milleth High Road.

Constructed in 1795, the Big Mosque Chennai is one of the most important historical monuments of Chennai. Also popularly termed as the Wallajah Mosque (big mosque), it was built by the family of the Nawab Wallajah in his memory. The architecture embodies the fusion of Indian, Islamic, and Iranian influences.

The Big Mosque Chennai is built completely out of gray granite and has been successful in outliving the ravages of time. Neither wood nor steel has been used in any part of this mosque. The mosque is provided with two lofty minarets at the front. The architecture is quite typical of the medieval period. The use of iron or other such materials which are susceptible to the elements have been completely avoided while constructing this mosque.

The Big Mosque of Chennai has the distinction of being one of the most beautiful shrines in Chennai and it possesses the reputation of being one of the important Muslim sites of pilgrimage in the south.

This mosque is one of the most attractive ones existing in the entire span of the country and has considerable historical value.

The Big Mosque Chennai is an impressive architectural specimen and tourist destination, known to be frequented regularly by a large number of visitors to the city of Chennai.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011