Cholamandal Artists' Village, Chennai

The Cholamandal Artists' Village of Chennai came into existence in the year 1965 in Mahabalipuram lying in the southern outskirts of Tamil Nadu. It is well dispersed over an area of 8 acres on the Muttukadu Road. It serves as the abode of extremely talented and proficient artists who make a living out of manufacturing exquisite works of art which reflects their adeptness and versatility.

Amongst the artists who reside at the Cholamandal Artists' Village of Chennai, some are skilled artists while others are passionate sculptors. A governing body is also elected annually comprising of a board of members that looks after the benefit and well being of the resident artists.

According to the current president, Senathipati, entire bulk of pupil after graduating generally opt for a job and gradually fade away from the scene. So there had to be a conglomeration where the creative minds could be groomed and metamorphosed into accomplished artists. The Cholamandal Artists' Village of Chennai serves this noble purpose in the finest way. They spend most of their time in giving shape to their mind-boggling paintings and sculptures that can surely enhance the beauty and glaze of your house.

The Cholamandal Artists' Village of Chennai that started with just 40 graduates who emerged from the Arts and Crafts College of Madras has been transformed into hugely successful institution in no time.

The products of Cholamandal Artists' Village in Chennai that are easily available at affordable prices include:-
  • Enamel jewelery
  • Batiks
  • Metal Work
  • Repousse Work
  • Exquisite Paintings
  • Sculptures
Amongst the recognized artists of Cholamandal Artists' Village of Chennai are:
  • PV Janakiram
  • S. Dhanapal
  • Redeppa Naidu
  • R. Bhaskaran
  • Arnawaz Vasudev
  • SG Vasudev
  • Anthony Doss
  • A. Santhanaraj

Last Updated on 11/2/2011