Defence Colony Map

Locality Map of Defence Colony

Defence Colony Map
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*The Map showing the Locality of Defence Colony in Delhi Disclaimer

The Defence Colony is situated in South Delhi and is known for its upscale lifestyle. Home to majority of retired defense personnels, the Defence Colony is laced with all the amenities that are required for the comfort and the entertainment of the personnel and their families. A gingerly walk through the meandering lanes of the Defence Colony would lead to some of the most sought after shopping plazas, ice cream parlors, bakeries and restaurants. One can also delve into the Chinese delicacies at the 4s or the Moets and Aka-Saka.

Defence Colony restaurants include the Swagath, which is a South Indian restaurant specializing in fish preparations. It also has a vegetarian branch called the Colonel Kebab's restaurant, which is oft visited by lovers of meat. Sagar restaurant in the Defence Colony serves freshly made traditional south Indian cuisines like dosas, idli, thalis, and many more, all an unbelievably low price.

A stroll down the bakery stores in Defence Colony prove to be an aromatic therapy for the senses. The chief bakery in the region is the Defence Colony Bakery, which sell varieties of condiments and baked stuff. Children find an idyllic recline in the Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor, while the subway in the area prove to be the ultimate resort for cheap and delicious food items. If you have had enough of Delhi flavor, you can move on to the shopping areas in Defence Colony. Hop into the basement shops like UniSeXX and you will be surprised by the fashion explosions there.

Whatever it is, food, shopping or daily marketing, the Defence Colony has the provision for everyone to enjoy in their respective ways.

Last Updated on 1 March 2013