Delhi Parliament Street

Parliament Street is one of the most important streets of New Delhi. Parliament Street is also known as Sansad Marg in India and is extremely well known.

The important Police Stations in Parliament Street are P.S. Parliament Street and P. S. Mandir Marg. These Police Stations fall under Parliament Street.

There are a number of interesting attractions in Parliament Street. Whenever Parliament Street is mentioned, the first thing that comes to the mind of all Delhiites and even the people of India is Sansad Bhavan or the Indian Parliament House. Since Delhi being the seat of administration of India, people would love to known about the Parliament, located in Delhi's Parliament Street. To visit it tourists need to get permits from the the reception office located in Raisina Road. Thereafter they can view the ongoing sessions of the Parliament and also sit in the public gallery. The Parliament House is undoubtedly the greatest tourist attraction in Parliament Street.

The famous observatory, Jantar Mantar is situated on the Parliament Street, very close to Connaught Place. Tourists can visit the gigantic masonry instruments such as the Samrat Yantra, Dakshinottara Bhitti Yantra, Niyata Chakra, Karka Rasi Valaya, Jai Prakash, Misra Yantra and Ram Yantra.

For tourists Parliament Street is a complete paradise as they can find all kinds of comfortable hotels, banks and shops in the area.

Last Updated on 1 March 2013