Punjabi Bagh

Punjabi Bagh is located in west Delhi. It is one of the districts of Delhi, and is a densely populated. The city has a good transportation system. It is connected to both road and rail. Each residential block in Punjabi Bagh have markets and shopping outlets to suffice the need of the inhabitants. The city is inhabited by business people. Punjabi families contribute to form the majority of the population in Punjabi Bagh. The city is densely populated because of its railroad connectivity. As the inhabitants hail from a business background therefore they live a luxurious and pompous life. The city is divided into several blocks and each block is self sufficient. There are shops and markets, which cater to the need of the residents. There are also shopping complexes in the region, where people can shop to their heart's content.

The region offers all the amenities of a modern society. There are schools and tutorials giving quality education to the children. The residents need not go far in search of schools imparting quality education to the children. Besides schools, there are gym centers and swimming pools for recreation. Punjabi Bagh in Delhi is a good place to reside and is becoming one of the preferred residential areas in west Delhi.

Last Updated on 1 March 2013