Festivals of in August 2020

Festivals in August

Many festivals are observed in August that involve fun and joyous activities.

Raksha Bandhan (3 August 2020) This is a celebration of the brother-sister relationship. Sisters tie colorful threads with decorations on the wrist of their brother's hand with a promise of life-long protection and affection of the brother in return. Sweets and gifts are added attractions of this celebration.

Teej (6 August 2020) Teej celebrates the union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. It is celebrated by women in Rajasthan. Main attractions of this festival are music and dance. Apart from dressing up in fine clothes and jewelry, women also go on a shopping spree.

Independence Day (15 August 2020) - This is a celebration of India's independence. Official ceremonies mark the day at all government establishments and schools across the country. People come out in huge numbers to celebrate the occasion.

Parsi New Year (17 August 2020)- This is a celebration of the Parsi New Year. Parsis all over the country celebrate this occasion with tradition and gaiety. Food and new clothes along with social gatherings are the main attractions of the festival.

Onam (31 August 2020) This is a harvest festival of Kerala. Elephant processions, spectacular fireworks, and Kathakali performances are the main attractions of this festival. A boat race is also held at Aranmulai and Kottayam to add more joy to this festival.

Last Updated on : January 13, 2020