Festivals of in August 2022

Festivals in August

Many festivals are observed in August that involve fun and joyous activities.

Naag Panchami (2 August 2022) Nag Panchami is a major festival of Hindus. According to the Hindu calendar, the Panchami of Shukla Paksha of Sawan month is celebrated as Nag Panchami. On this day the serpent or snake is worshipped and bathed with milk.

Muharram (9 August 2022) This is usually a sorrowful occasion for Shia Muslims. They observe this day by walking barefoot on the roads and weeping loudly as an act of mourning for Hussain and his family. Many of them beat their chest with their hands as an act of matam. However, the Sunni Muslims keep fast in the month of Muharram and celebrate it as a low affair.

Raksha Bhandhan ( 11 August 2022) Rakshabandhan festival is considered a symbol of brother and sister love. This festival is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Shravan month. On this festival of sister-brother, a sister ties Rakhi to her brother. After tying the rakhi, the brother gives money or gifts to his sister with love and promises to protect his sister forever.

Independence day (15 August 2022) India got its independence from British rule on 15 August 1947, Independence Day. On Independence Day, the ceremony takes place at the Red Fort in New Delhi and after that, the Prime Minister hoists the flag and addresses the name of the nation.

Parsi New Year (16 August 2022) This is a celebration of the Parsi New Year. Parsis all over the country celebrate this occasion with tradition and gaiety. Food and new clothes along with social gatherings are the main attractions of the festival.

Ganesh Chaturthi (31 August 2022) Ganesh Chaturthi is a major festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated in different parts of India but in Maharashtra, it is celebrated with great pomp. According to the Puranas, Ganesha was born on this day. The Hindu god Ganesha is worshipped on Ganesh Chaturthi. Large idols of Lord Ganesha are installed at many prominent places.

Last Updated on : February 15, 2022