Guru Nanak Jayanti 2022

About Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti refers to the occasion of the birthday of the founder and first guru (teacher) of Sikhs Guru Nanak Dev. This occasion, usually following the festival of Diwali is celebrated not only by Sikhs all across the globe but it is a matter of celebration for the followers of Guru Nanak Dev across different religions and communities in India. These generally include Hindu Punjabis and Sindhis.  Guru Nanak was born in Rai Bhoi Di Talwandi (presently known as Nankana Sahib) in 1469 A.D at Lahore, Pakistan. This is the reason why Guru Nanak’s Birthday is even celebrated in Pakistan. There are still many people in Pakistan following the teachings and beliefs of Guru Nanak. 

Date of Guru Nanak Jayanti: 08 November 2022

Significance of Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak birthday is an occasion of utmost significance for Sikhs as Guru Nanak Dev is founder of Sikh religion. The Sikhs all over the world take pride in their rich religion and mark the occasion by remembering enlightening teachings of Guru Nanak Dev. 

Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebrations

Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated with early morning "Prabhat Pheris" or processions which begin from Gurudwaras and move on to different localities, singing hymns or Shabads. Two days before the Guru Nanak Jayanati, the "Akhand Path" or 48 hours non-stop reading of the holy book of Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib is carried on at Gurudwaras. A day before the birthday of Guru Nanak, a procession is carried out which is led by the "Panj Pyaras", the Five Beloved Ones.

The Nishan Sahib or Sikh flag and the palanquin or Palki of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is also taken out in the procession. The procession includes groups of singers and Gatka teams displaying their showmanship. The leaders in the procession spread the message of Guru Nanak. The Langar (free distribution of food) along with 'Karah Prasad' is offered to men and women of all communities. Nagar Kirtans and Kathas also happen on Guru Nanak’s Birthday.

FAQs on Guru Nanak Jayanti

What is Guru Nanak Jayanti all about?
Guru Nanak Jayanti is the birth date of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first guru of Sikhs and the founder of Sikh religion. 

When and where was Guru Nanak Dev born?
Guru Nanak Dev was born on 15th April in the year 1469 in Rai Bhoi Di Talwandi (Nankana Sahib), now in Lahore, Pakistan. 

What are the rituals associated with Guru Nanak Jayanti?
Prabhat Pheris, Akhand paths, distribution of Langar and Nagar Kirtans are usually held at the occasion of Guru Nanak Birthday. 

What is Prabhat Pheri?
The Prabhat Pheris (Prabhat refers to morning and Pheris is derived from Pheras meaning rounds) start many days before the Guru Nanak birthday. The Sikhs assemble very early in the morning at the nearby Gurudwara and singing religious hymns, move towards the home that has invited the Sangat (a gathering of people for religious purposes). After the Shabad- Kirtan (hymns in praise of the god), Prashad is distributed to the Sangat. 

What is Akhand path?
Akhand means unhindered and path means prayer. Akhand Path with reference to the Sikh religion means complete reading of Guru Granth Sahib for 48 continuous hours without any break.

When is Guru Nanak Jayanti in the year 2022?
Guru Nanak Jayanti in the year 2022 falls on 08 November 2022.

Is there any difference between Gurpurab and Guru Nanak Jayanti or do they mean the same?
Gurpurab actually means the day of Guru. It could be any day associated with any important occasion in the life of any of the ten Sikh gurus or the present Guru of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Nanak Jayanti that birthday of Guru Nanak is one of the Gurpurabs but it is not exclusively synonymous to the term.

Last Updated on : November 04, 2022