Konark Dance Festival 2017

The jingling of ankle bells, the rhythm of percussion instruments and the lilting voices reverberating through the still and starry night against the backdrop of an ancient monument on a beautiful seashore - too picture perfect to be true! Travel to konark for the annual konark Dance Festival at the Sun Temple in konark and experience this unique feast for your senses!

The Sun Temple at konark, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, is a magnificent representation of the Surya, the Sun God's chariot. Every year the beautifully designed Natya mandir or the dancing hall of this 700-year-old shrine becomes the venue for the world-renowned festival of dance called the konark Dance Festival. For five days, this World Heritage Site resounds with the beats and melodies of music and dance against the backdrop of ancient sculptures in dance poses synchronizing with the rhythmic sound of the waves lashing against the shores of the Chandrabhaga beach.

Travel.mapsofindia takes you on a colorful and rhythmic journey through the extravaganza of the konark Dance Festival. history of konark Dance Festival gives you an insight into the historical significance of the festival. Time of konark Dance Festival is for those who wish to be part of this cultural extravaganza. The celebration of konark Dance Festival elaborates the rituals associated with the celebration of the festival.

Last Updated on : 16/09/2013