Flights to Jamnagar

Jamnagar is called the Oil City of India. There are many must-visits of this Gujarat town, such as natural hot-spots, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, forts and palaces, and religious sites. This city was earlier nicknamed Brass City because of the presence of five thousand large-scale and ten thousand small-scale units that manufactured brass items. The major item of export here is Bauxite. Many people of Jamnagar are involved in the production of clothes called 'Bandhni', which contributes to 10% of the total income of this state.

Flight Information, Airport Services, and Connectivity

The Jamnagar airport is officially called Govardhanpur Airport Jamnagar. Air India and JetKonnect operate from this airport, and the most popular destination by air from here is Mumbai.

Facilities available in this airport include inbuilt canteen, conveyor belt for taking luggage, night-landing facilities, luggage trolleys, baggage-wrapping machine, special arrangement for physically challenged persons, wheelchair option, many eateries (fast-food stalls, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, etc.), and shops for all kinds of items (jewellery, stationary, chemist, etc.). Duty-free shops are also there, from where you can buy things at a reasonable price.

All kinds of transport are available from the airport such as taxis and rental cars. Bus and railway stations are also located nearby, only a few km from the airport.

More Information on Jamnagar

Jamnagar is spread over an area of 122 sq km, and has a population of 529,308. Languages spoken here are Hindi and Gujarati. Some of the most popular places in Jamnagar are:
  • Ranmal Lake
  • Dwarka
  • Solarium
  • Pirotan Island
  • Bala Hanuman
  • Pratap Villas
  • Ayurved University
  • Kileshwar Temple
  • Bet Dwarka
  • Gopnath
  • Bileshwar Temple
  • Ashapura Temple at Ghumali
  • Khijadia Bird Sanctuary
  • Harshidhi Temple
The best time to visit Jamnagar is the winter season, from October to February.

Last Updated on : January 6, 2017

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