Flights From Pune to Chennai

Pune to Chennai Flight Schedule

Airlines Flight Num Departure
Go-Air G8633 23:00 00:40 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun
Indigo 6E6406 02:10 03:55 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun
Indigo 6E159 06:10 07:40 sat
Indigo 6E159 06:10 07:55 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sun
Indigo 6E302 13:45 15:30 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sun
Indigo 6E547 22:25 00:05 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun
Jetair 9W494 20:00 21:45 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun
Jetair 9W2492 15:50 17:35 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sun
Jetair 9W2492 15:45 17:30 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sun
Spicejet SG423 23:15 00:55 mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun

Pune - Pune Airport

Airport Name : Pune Airport
Domestic/International : Customs
Airport Address : Pune International Airport Area, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032
Airport code : PNQ
Airport Telephone : 91-20-26683232
Flight Information : ---
Support : ---
Fax number : 91-20-26685599
Email :
Role : Civil Enclave

Chennai - Chennai International Airport

Airport Name : Chennai International Airport
Domestic/International : International
Airport Address : GST Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600027
Airport code : MAA
Airport Telephone : 91-44-22561122
Flight Information : ---
Support : ---
Fax number : 91-44-22560512
Email :
Role : Commercial

The distance from Pune to Chennai is:

Last Updated on : January 6, 2017

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