Ghaziabad Government

The district of Ghaziabad falls under the Meerut Division of Uttar Pradesh. The head of the Ghaziabad government is the Divisional Commissioner whose head office is located at Meerut. The commissioner acts as the link between the districts and the central government and supervises the entire administration of the district.

Ghaziabad was primarily a Tehsil of Meerut District before the 14th of November 1976. The then Chief Minister, Mr. N. D. Tiwari officially declared Ghaziabad as a district on the same date. The district has been divided into four sub-divisions namely, Modi Nagar, Ghaziabad, Garhmukhteshwar and Hapur, for the purpose of revenue and general supervision. These sub-divisions have separate parganas under them, which are ruled by the local government bodies.

The general administration of the district is in the hands of the district officer who enjoys an important position in the district's administration. He is a representative of the State Government and is in charge of the appropriate implementation of all government laws. The main function of the Collector of the district is to collect the land revenue, other government dues and to properly maintain the land records. The main function of the District Magistrate is to maintain the law and order of the district. In this work, he is assisted by five additional District Magistrates, four S.D.M., two additional city magistrates and a City Magistrate.

The work of the Ghaziabad government is further smoothened by the proper functioning of law and order in the district. This is overlooked by the Senior Superintendent of Police who is assisted by Superintendent of Police and seven Deputy Superintendents.

Smt. Damayanti Goel is the Mayor of Ghaziabad and Smt. Manju Rani is the Chairman.

Last Updated on 28 September 2012