Ghaziabad Population

Ghaziabad population gives information regarding the residents of Ghaziabad. According to the census report of 2001, Ghaziabad has an approximate population of 968,521. It is assumed that males comprise 54% of the entire Ghaziabad population, whereas females constitute around 46% of the population. Ghaziabad is said to have 69% average rate of literacy.

In Ghaziabad,Uttar Pradesh male literacy is approximately 75%, whereas female literacy rate is around 63%. According to the reports, 14% of the entire population is under the age limit of 6, in this Indian city.

According to the latest census report, Ghaziabad within the Mahanagar has an approximate population of 12 lakhs. On the other hand, the population of Ghaziabad district is about 30 lakhs. It is believed that in the past decades this population growth rate has gone up by 50%. The main reasons for this population growth in Ghaziabad are the low cost of residential flats and apartments, quality of educational institutions, good infrastructure and higher employment rates.

Ghaziabad is popularly known as a prosperous industrial city of India and the residents of Ghaziabad primarily depend on railway coaches, electroplating and diesel engines manufacturing industries for employment purposes. These industries have played a significant role behind the growth of population in Ghaziabad.

Last Updated on 28 September 2012