Festivals of Himachal Pradesh

A plethora of rich culture, warm hospitable people and a stunning landscape all combine to color Himachal Pradesh with a variety of fairs, festivals and events.

Some of these have come down hand in hand with age-old tradition while some others have developed with the adventure sports in recent times. Statistics reveal that more than 2000 festivals and events are held each year in Himachal Pradesh and the number is constantly increasing. The fairs and festivals are a riot of colors against the picturesque landscape.

The simple Himachali people like to celebrate each and every moment of life. In remote places when winter brings life to a standstill, the fairs, festivals and events brings the fun and frolic. Thus, these festivals and events are inseparable parts of Himachal Pradesh society.

The festivals and events in Himachal Pradeshreflect the culture and traditions of Himachal Pradesh. They are the venues for singing and dancing, buying and selling, and, meeting and greeting for the simple Himachali people.

Some events are of religious importance while others have commercial significance. They serve as healthy recreation, amusement and even as marketing place.

These festivals and events of Himachal Pradesh are rich in culture, tradition and heritage. They bring forth the religion, rituals, belief and are abound in folk songs, dance forms and other lucid expressions of the people of Himachal Pradesh.

Nature has endowed Himachal Pradesh with immense natural beauty with magnificent mountains, gorgeous rivers and deep gorges all of which are viable for adventure sports. Such exciting activties are immensely popular in Himachal Pradesh and has given rise to many events and carnivals centering around them.

Important Fair, festivals and Events of Himachal Pradesh

Angling Festival

The state of Himachal Pradesh has become a favorite tourist destination to the travelers of India and abroad. The pleasant climate of the state has favored it as a popular tourist spot. The Adventure Sports are steadily becoming popular in India. The Angling Festival has received a good response from the participants.

Among the Adventure Sports in India, like mountaineering, trekking, para gliding and hang gliding, Angling has become one of the favorite sports. Angling is a sport of catching fish. In the sport, the fish is caught by the help of an angle or a hook. The hook or the angle is attached with a fishing rod and a fishing line. A float is sometimes attached to the fish rod as a bite indicator. The fishing rod also has a fishing reel that helps in manipulating the fishing line. The angle or the hook with which the fish is caught has a bait to lure the catch.

The state of Himachal Pradesh is considered to be a heaven for the people loving the Sport Fishing. The anglers can catch trout, mahaseer and fishes of other varieties. The trouts like Rainbow trout and Brown trout is found in the streams of Himachal Pradesh. The Angling Festival in Himachal Pradesh is attended by sports lovers from around the world.

The best spots in Himachal Pradesh for Angling are the streams in the Pabbar valley in Shimla, Bapsa river in the Sangla valley and in Uhl River near Barot. Other than these popular spots, Angling can also be carried in the fishing spots of the Maharana Pratap Sagar reservoir, in Govind Sagar near Bilaspur and in the Kangra valley.

Ashiwin Navratra Mela

Festivals and Fair of India are celebrated with fun and gusto. In Himachal Pradesh the people participate in the local festivals that are held at different time of the year. In the Ashiwin Navratra Mela celebrated in Himachal Pradesh during the Navaratri. Navaratri is a nine day long celebration. This festival is celebrated through out the country but the mode of celebration may vary from state to state. Other than Himachal Pradesh, it is observed in other states of North India, Kashmir, Kerala and West Bengal.

The celebrations for Navaratri commences from the first day of the month of Ashwin which is generally the month of October. It ends on the tenth day which is also known as Dussera in many provinces. The festival is associated with the goddess Durga. The goddess is believed to have nine avatars or incarnations. The nine names are associated with the destroying the evil forces. The different avatars of goddess Durga are

  • Mahakali
  • Mahalakshmi
  • Mahasaraswati
  • Yogamaya
  • Rakta Dantika
  • Shakumbhari
  • Bhramari
  • Chandika
  • Durga
The festival of Navaratri are celebrated with devotion by the people of Himachal Pradesh. The Ashiwin Navratra Mela is an occasion when people get to meet their relatives and friends. The devotees of goddess Durga devotes the occasion of Navaratri to the worship of the eternal power. This festival is prevalent in India from the Vedic era. The mention of it is also found in the Puranas.

The Western states of India celebrate the Navaratri festival by observing the dandiya and garba dances. In Himachal Pradesh the rural people of the Kullu valley celebrate it with it with great gusto. They take out a grand procession to honor the festival. Thus in the celebration of Navaratri spirituality merges with fun and frolic of the festivity.

Baba Balak Nath Fair

The picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh keeps on adding a new feather to its already full cap. The state is acclaimed for its picturesque hill stations, tourism potential, political fervor and religious and cultural celebrations. Baba Balaknath Fair is an eminent religious festival of the state.

The festival is celebrated during the months of March and April. Usually Baba Balaknath Fair is a month long affair that spans from 14th March to 13th April. The celebrations take place in the holy sanctums of Shah Talai, 42 km from the Himachal Pradesh's Bilaspur District.

Tourists from all nooks and corners of the country as well as abroad appear in the state during the charming months of spring. Himachal Pradesh, just shedding the gloomy and frosty look of winter is all vibrant and resplendent in the brightness of spring. Tourists and pilgrims visit the Baba Balak Nath Fair, which is organized to pay homage to the deities of the revered sanctum of the Sidh Shri Baba Balak Nath Shrines.

The pilgrims and devotees are anxious to seek the benison of the venerable deities. According to legend, the benediction of the Gods enshrined within the temple premises is so sacred that it fulfills the deepest desires of the worshippers. This explains why tourists travel from very far to the pristine shrines that exude and overwhelming aura of sanctity.

Bird Watching Festival

The Bird Watching Festival of Himachal Pradesh is held in the month of January every year. Maharana Pratap Sagar in Kangra is the site of the fest. There are many rare species of birds found in this region. This Festival of Himachal Pradesh dedicated to the birds is organized to attract all the bird lovers of the country to the state.

The Bird Watching Festival provides a wonderful scope for a family outing. Here you can watch around 220 species of birds belonging to about 56 families. The birds of various colors and origin attract a child's attention quite well.

Maharana Pratap Sagar, the site of the Bird Watching Festival of Kangra is one of the biggest man made lakes of India. This place attracts many Bird Watchers during winters because of the various migratory birds that come here. The biggest attraction here are the ducks from the Siberian region. There are also many other water birds that welcome the visitors to the island. Some of the birds that can be seen here are Black buck, Cheetal and Sukhrab. You will also find many Pintails and Cranes in the Maharana Pratap Sagar. The crystal clear water of the lake adds to the beauty of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauldhar Range, that can be viewed from here. You can see hundreds and thousands of ducks in the swampy area that lies between the Shahnahar Barrage and Pongdam.

Chaitra Navratra Fair

Himachal Pradesh abounding in the panoramic rhapsodies of natural and cultural splendor is also opulent in fairs and festivities. Among the noteworthy festivals, the grand celebrations of the Chaitra Navratra Fair hold a special place in the chronicles of the state's festive history.

The cultural extravaganzas of the state are highlighted by the numerous celebrations that occur throughout the year. They also reflect the fun loving and colorful aspect of the nature of the otherwise industrious inhabitants of the state who believe only in the bare necessities of life.

Chaitra Navratra Fair is an eminent fair that is celebrated in the month of Chaitra, meaning the months of March and April in the Gregorian calendar. The fair is immensely popular among the natives of Himachal Pradesh who rejoice in the festivities with tremendous gaiety.

Chaitra Navratra Fair is celebrated in the grounds of:
  • Naina Devi
  • Jawalamukhi
  • Chamunda ji
  • Chintpurni
  • Bajreshwari (Kangra)
  • Hatkoti
  • Bhimakali (Sarahan)
  • Trilokpur (Sirmour
The pious devotees conduct the religious ceremonies with great fervor. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists and pilgrims from the far reaches of the country arrive in Himachal Pradesh to seek the generous and sacred benediction of the venerable Goddess Durga. The devotees chant the melodious devotional songs and hymns, pray fervently, eat the simple yet delicious religious offerings and watch the beautiful evening prayers and feel at one with nature and their souls in this sacred milieu.

For further information on Chaitra Navratra fair, contact:
  • The Chairman Temple Committee.
    (Naina Devi ji)
    Trilokpur(SDM Nahan)

Cheshu Mela Rewalser

Apart from the quaint hill stations, the state's fairs and festivals highlight another talking point of Himachal Pradesh's tourism. These festivities testify the state's cultural extravaganzas and simultaneously reflect the colorful and fun loving aspect of the native people's character.

The annual fair is hosted in the months of February and March amidst the lush green surroundings of the fair grounds at Rewalser. The fair is renown in India as well as abroad not only for its cultural splendor. The fairgrounds are noted as an eminent pilgrimage site where Sikh devotees from far extremities of the country flock to pay their respects.

The revered sanctum of the Gurudwara temple as well as the venerable monastery enhances the sanctity of the premises of the Cheshu Mela Rewalser. Their presences exude an overwhelming aura of sanctity that engulfs tourists and pilgrims. The melodious chants of the holy hymns, the religious offerings and the evening prayers and the simple yet delicious meals of the daily prasad create a truly enjoyable ambience.

Dal Lake Fair

Come September and the crystal clear Dal Lake and its surroundings will come alive with the annual Dal Lake Fair. The Dal Lake Fair in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh is a vibrant fair, which attracts a large number of people coming from all across the country. The Dal Lake Fair is organized on the day of Radhastami, which generally falls on the month of August or September. Tourists and pilgrims flock in the banks of the Dal Lake to take holy dips in the sacred water.

rther information on Dungri Fair, contact:

  • Mandir Committee & Local Administration

Great Himalayan Marathon

The Great Himalayan Marathon has been introduced by the tourism department of the Himachal Pradesh State Government with a great objective. The Great Himalayan Marathon in Shimla has a noble thought behind its inception. The exceptional event carries the message to nurture the unparallel bio-diversity of the Great Himalayas. The Marathon run is awaited to get flagged off from the lovely city of Shimla. The expected time of the Great Himalayan Marathon is in the month of September or October.

The dream event will be one of the first of its kind in India. The amazing cross country race will cover beautiful landscapes. The route will pass through wonderful hilly villages and some magnificent alpine forests. It may sound very pleasing but the actual race will be a very tiresome one. Athletes from different parts of the world will participate in the Great Himalayan Marathon to make the run a very competitive one. Running at such a high altitude needs fitness of the top level and only a very physically sound person will be able to complete the full course.

Hamir Utsav

Himachal Pradesh is a northern state of India with Shimla, the beautiful hill station as the capital city. There are a number of Fairs and Festivals celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. Hamir Utsav is a popular festival among the local people of the state. The people of the district of Hamirpur celebrate Hamir Utsav to commemorate its existence as a state of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh celebrates a number of festivals throughout the year. Many of the Festivals of Himachal Pradesh are observed in different seasons. The tourists coming to this state also take pleasure in participating in these festivals. The Hamir Utsav in Himachal Pradesh is held during the month of November.

During the celebration of the Hamir Utsav, various kind of cultural programs are held. The local people of the district of Hamirpur as well as performers from other districts of Himachal Pradesh come to the Hamir Utsav, to take part in the folk dances and folk music held during the festival. The people of Hamirpur have a strong folk culture that is reflected through their different cultural programs like Jatras and Jheras.

Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing is an expensive winter sport. In Himachal Pradesh you can go Heli Skiing in the area near Manali that is surrounded by Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani Pass. This area is a very compact spot for the sport. This area is considered to be the best Heli Skiing region in the Himalayas.

The expeditions of Heli Skiing in Manali involve the helicopters that will drop the enthusiastic and adventure loving skiers on the top of high peaks. A short trip of a few minutes can carry one to the top of a 14000 feet high slop. In the high peaks the speed of the wind is less and so the snow there are consistent and powdery. This makes Heli Skiing easier for those who are new to the sport. For it is easier to learn skiing on a powdery surface.

In Manali Heli Skiing for the naive and new skiers are made easier by making a group of three such people. Even a ski guide accompanies them in the helicopter. To ensure safety these ski guides are trained and certified. Experienced helicopter pilots and medical helps are also appointed for the purpose of safety.

The open sky, the unreachable height and the surroundings of white snow makes Heli Skiing in Himachal Pradesh an activity to remember. The area itself is capable of making ones spirit adventurous in nature.

Heli Skiing gives the skier a thrilling experience as one rapidly slides down great heights.


Himachal Pradesh, the erstwhile summer capital of British India abounds in quaint hill stations, cute malls and a plentitude of tourist attractions.

The fairs and festivals of the state add to the cultural extravaganzas. Holi is one such historical festival that is celebrated with great fervor all across the country.

The annual cultural festival dates backs to the momentous days when Lord Krishna romanced his beloved consort Radha in the meadows of Vrindavan. The festive celebrations take place in Himachal Pradesh's Sujanpur Tihra, a mere 25 km from the beautiful Hamirpur District. Sujanpur Tihra, the former kingdom of Raja Sansar Chand is noted for its architectural landmarks. The place is teeming with majestic epigraphic edifices that testify the architectural brilliance of the ancient planners and designers.

Holi is celebrated during the auspicious Phalgun Purnima in the months of February and March. There are several mythological folklores that augment the festival's cultural splendor. This colorful festival witnesses people rub 'abir' and 'gulal' and drown each other in vibrant colors. They dab the feet of the elders with color and seek their benison.

Holi celebrates the triumph of the good over the diabolic. This colorful Hindu festival breaks all social barriers and taboos and forges new and lasting relationships. A festival of gaiety, it is celebrated with pomp and grandeur throughout the country.

During the evenings of Vasant Purnima, a large bonfire is built and effigies of the evil Holika are burned to drive away the evil. Holi is celebrated with tremendous vivacity. The youth, looking beyond recognition in the vibrant colors drink bhang and frolic after the morning gaieties.

The government of Himachal Pradseh, however is aware of the negative impact of the toxic Holi colors and insists upon the use of environment friendly paints.

Ice Skating Carnival

In the beautiful mountainous land of Himachal Pradesh, the Ice Skating Carnival is a special attraction for the tourists. An exciting event on ice-skating, takes place in Shimla Dalhousie of Himachal Pradesh. Many enthusiastic people take part in this event, which is organized during the winters.

Mountains in Himachal Pradesh are all snow-clad in the winters. The snow becomes firm, tough and dry and it makes an ideal platform for skating. Thousands of sports loving people throng the place as soon as the Ice Skating Carnival starts. Lot of foreigners also joins this Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla Dalhousie.

The Ice Skating Carnival is a very popular event where people can participate in various kinds of ice-skating. They bring along with them, the necessary skating equipments. The children are also encouraged to take part in the competitions.

The Ice Skating Carnival of the Shimla Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh is a refreshing experience. Any kind of sports, specially games like trekking and skating provides self-reliance and confidence. The Ice Skating Carnival that takes place in Shimla Dalhousie of Himachal Pradesh offers to all the people, a good platform and an excellent opportunity to participate in a fair and healthy competition.

Ladarcha Fair

The headquarters of the Spiti sub division - Kaza organizes the spectacular Ladarcha Fair every August. Kaza falls under the Lahaul and Spiti District in Himachal Pradesh and it wear the festive look every year with the beginning of the Ladarcha Fair. Previously the Kibbar Maidan in Spiti was the venue for this wonderful fair. That time traders from Rampur Busher, Spiti and Ladakh used to bring their products to deal them in the fair. Now because of the closure of the Tibetan Borders, the traders do not visit anymore, forcing the fair to be shifted to Kaza. Kaza was chosen as the venue for its more centralized position.

In the present days, the Ladarcha Fair in Kaza, Himachal Pradesh has grown with time and it is celebrated with pomp and glory. The Ladarcha Fair enjoys a huge assemble of visitors and traders who come generally from Spiti and Kinnaur. Even a few traders from the Ladakh region manage to attend the Ladarcha Fair every year.

Kaza is located at the base of the step ridges of Spiti river's left bank. Maybe small but its a modern town with the presence of quality hotels and good transportation system.

It is well connected with Shimla and Manali via road except during the winter. One must visit Kaza while the Ladarcha Fair is going on to get the real vibes of the place.

Lavi Fair

Himachal Pradesh, other than being known as a tourist destination of India, it is also known for the Festivals and Fairs that are celebrated in the state. The Lavi Fair is observed in Himachal Pradesh every year in the month of November or December. Generally the fair is held for three days.

In Rampur, the Lavi Fair is celebrated. Rampur was considered to be an important center related to trade that was connected to trade routes of Tibet, Ladakh, Kinnaur and Afghanistan. The Lavi Fair in Himachal Pradesh is celebrated at banks of Sutlej river. The three days long festival witnesses the people coming from across the border as well as the local people from the nearby villages.

The Lavi Fair is actually a trade fair where various sorts of merchandise are sold. The tribal people of Himachal Pradesh come to this fair to sell their indigenous products. They sell dry fruits, handicrafts, handloom products and products made from wool and also leather. The tribal people also sell Chaumkhi horses. The merchants coning from across the borders bring different exotic spices for selling. In the fair, cultural programs are also organized like music and folk dances.

Among the Fairs in Himachal Pradesh, the Lavi Fair has become popular to the tourists. To visit the fair, one can easily avail the air plane to Kullu or avail trains to Kalka. One can also opt for bus services, available from Chandigarh which lies only at a distance of 117 km from Himachal Pradesh.

Manimahesh Yatra

The paradisaical land of Himachal Pradesh is home to many historical and religious sites. The state boasts of several exciting pilgrimage trails leading to sacred temples. The Manimahesh Yatra is one such pilgrimage, which starts from Lakshminarayan Temple in Chamba and ends at the Manimahesh Lake in Bundhil valley. The holy trek or Yatra is set about fifteen days after the festival of Janmashtami. The pilgrims walk along the rocky path completely bare footed, singing Bhajans and praying ecstatically to Lord Shiva. After reaching Manimahesh Lake they take dips in the holy water. With the termination of the Manimahesh Yatra, the devotees visit the ancient temple of Chatrari, which is located between Bharmaur and Chamba.

The Manimahesh Yatra in Himachal Pradesh is treated as a state level fair as per the declaration of the Himachal Pradesh State Government. The Himachal tourism department has undertaken various plans and programs to promote this wonderful event. Manimahesh is well approached from Pathankot through Chamba and Bharnaur.

Walking to the way of the Manimahesh Lake is a wonderful experience. One will forget the pains of the tiresome journey watching the wonderful natural scenery and get drenched in the enchanting ambiance. However one should be physically fit to endure this journey in an altitude of 4080 meters. The Manimahesh Lake is believed to be one of the abode of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu mythologies. The wonderful route not only enthuse the pilgrims but also excites the adventure lovers and tourists.

Minjar Fair

Himachal Pradesh is a state renowned for its panoramic natural beauty and finds a reason to celebrate every benison that life offers through its fairs and festivals that promote social, cultural, educational or religious causes. Minjar Fair is possibly the most recognized and celebrated fair of the state.

Minjar Fair commences on the 2nd Sunday of the rainy monsoon months, locally known as the Sawan month and culminates on the 3rd Sunday of July or August. The fair is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh's Chamba town to commemorate the triumph of Raja of Chamba over his antagonist, the Raja of Kangra.

The weeklong celebrations take place at 'Chowgan', a lush fair grown in Chamba. As its etymological connotation signifies, Minjar or maize flowers along with a coconut, a rupee or a coin of a lesser denomination, a fruit and a few paddy grains are offered to the rain God, the all-powerful Lord Varuna. It has generally been accepted that the fair started in the 10th century A.D. under the generous patronage of Raja Sahil Verman.

The colorful and exuberant Minjar festival is an ideal place for traders, merchants and the local people to buy and sell goods. Tourists strike a good bargain and pick up excellent souvenirs, memorabilia and exotic pashmina shawls at remarkably affordable rates.

A captivating performance by the cultural troupes from the neighboring states and the inter-state sports carnival are the talking point of the annual Minjar Fair.

For further information on Minjar fair, contact:

  • District Administration
    Phone :01899-224847

Nalwari Mela

Himachal Pradesh, the erstwhile summer capital of British India abounds in mind blowing natural beauty, cultural splendor and tourist attractions. The numerous fairs and festivals evince the cultural extravaganza of the state. Nalwari Mela is one such statewide fair that is celebrated with pomp and grandeur.

Nalwari Mela is a statewide fair that is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. The fairgrounds are placed in the state's Bilaspur district which witnesses a steady influx people from all corners of the state as well as the adjacent states who flock here to rejoice in the celebrations. This fair testifies the fun loving and colorful side of the natures of the inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh.

The festival commences on the afternoon of 17th March, tentatively around 1:00 p.m. and continues up to the afternoon of 23rd March. The cultural carnival showcases the arts, culture and entertainment that prevail in the state along with the societal lifestyle.

The cultural milieu of Nalwari Mela swarms with families and children frolicking and merrymaking about the place. The highlights of the fair include a wrestling match where the local athletes display their gymnastic skills and physical prowess. Cultural soirees and dramatic events make the evenings highly enjoyable.

The talking point of Himachal Pradesh's Nalwari Mela is the annual cattle fair where cattle breeders and livestock breeders from all across the country participate with aplomb.

For further information on Nalwari Mela that combines breathtaking natural beauty with colorful and exuberant regional festivities, the interested reader may contact:

  • District Administration

Paragliding Festival

Himachal Pradesh is a favorite tourist destination in India. The valleys of the state of Himachal Pradesh are ideal recluse during the summer months. The adventure sports like Para gliding is favorite among the tourists. The Paragliding Festival is held in October. The location of the state has favored the climate. The best time to visit the state is from March to September.

The valleys of the Himachal Pradesh give out a serene and calm atmosphere. A beauty of the nature is associated with spirituality as well. These valleys are also famous for the Adventure Sports in India. Among all other Adventure Sports, like mountaineering, skiing etc Para gliding is very thrilling and challenging.

The peak of Billing in Kangra in Himachal Pradesh is a venue to arrange the Adventure Sports events. There has been three international level and five national level hang gliding rallies that took place here since the year 1984. The Para gliding Adventure Sport can be practiced in the different venues of the state of Himachal Pradesh. In Bundla Dhar situated near Bilaspur, at Intkali situated in the Pabbar valley and in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh Para gliding is practiced.

The sport is steadily gaining popularity among the sports lovers. The Paragliding Festival in Himachal Pradesh is thus participated by sports lovers from around the world. Both men and women participate in the event of Para gliding. Even one does not wish to participate in the Adventure Sport of Para gliding, he can surely enjoy watching the thrilling event taking place. The competitors come from different countries of the world to participate in the Paragliding Festival in Himachal Pradesh. Para gliding with its popularity is becoming an important Adventure Sports in India.

Phulaich Fair

The Phulaich Fair is one of the best in its kinds in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Phulaich Fair is associated with the flower watching festival of Ukhyang in the Kinnaur Valley. The Phulaich Fair is organized during the monsoon, in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. The special festival is called Fulaich and it is celebrated to remember the ones who has passed away.

The Fulaich Fair starts with sacrifice of animals and the villagers collecting Ladra flowers from the hill top. Relatives offer wine, rice and food to their dear deceased ones, which are later distributed among the poor. After this ritual, the village people gather to visit the Dhangaspa family house and show their respect by garlanding the family members. The village people play drums and blow bugles to greet the heroic team that climbed the hill top to collect the Ladra flowers. The villagers get engaged with ecstatic dances as they carry old weapons to depict ancient war scenes. The mystic rhythm of the drums and the collective shouting of the performers make the dance realistic. Nymph models curved out of wood are put for sacrifices and some other traditional rituals are also carried out.

Pori Mela

The Pori Mela is a very popular fair, which forms an integral part of the Pori Festival of Lahaul Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The Pori Mela brings in traders from far and near, who set up their stalls to sell all type of things. These include the rich handicrafts of the region, local delicacies and also other regular products.

The remarkable Pori Festival is celebrated in the traditional temple of Trilokinath. The rituals of this festival are performed in a very exceptional manner, a custom of their own. On the early morning of the Pori Festival the idol of the god is bathed with curd and milk. Soon after the devotees gather around the temple playing drums, bugles and Conch shells to create an electrifying atmosphere. As per local belief, in the day of the festival the Lord visits the temple riding on a horse. To symbolize this, a horse is lead around the temple and it is treated with sweets and delicacies after the ritual. It is then taken to the Raj of the area, who sits on the horse to visit the temple again.

Prashar Mela

The Queen of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh abounds in natural delights and cultural splendor. The fairs of Himachal Pradesh each have a cause, be it social, education or religious. Prashar Mela is an eminent sacred fair of the state that is of tremendous religious significance.

Prashar Mela is a noteworthy religious event that draws pilgrims from all over the country. The fair is hosted on the lush meadows of Prashar, a mere 48 km from the picturesque Mandi valley. The festival is a two-day long affair that commences on the 15th of June and continues up to the next day.

Mandi Valley, resplendent in its summer splendor is horded with a large influx of tourists and pilgrims from India as well as abroad. The tradition Prashar Mela brings with it the opportunity to pay homage to the revered deities as well as rejoice in the festive gaieties. Food stalls serving mouthwatering local gastronomic delights, colorful stalls selling souvenirs, trinkets and toys and rides like the Ferris wheel, the self-proclaimed astrologer's stalls and the gymnasts athletic exhibits complete the picture of the cultural kaleidoscope. Excited children running about the place, adults dig into the piping hot food and catch up on the gossip while the pilgrims chants the melodious notes of the devotional hymns.

Apart from the fair, the stunning scenery of Mandi valley and its nearby attractions captivates tourists. The relics of several primordial temples and shrines bearing traces of the country's rich legacy also spellbind the knowledge hungry tourists.

Prashar Mela's cultural extravaganza highlights the cultural legacy of the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh.

For further information on Prashar Mela, contact:

  • Panchyat Temple Committee.
    Phone :01905-225207(SDM)
    Phone :01905-225201(DC)

Rafting Cup

Every year the month of March in Himachal Pradesh awaits the adrenal gush of Rafting Cup. The enchantment that is unique to river rafting in Himachal Pradesh. The unbound and breathtaking thrill in the untamed river beckons teams from different countries to this International Rafting Championship. The Indian Rafting Foundation in association with The International Rafting Federation organizes the Rafting Cup in the Sutlej River at a distance of about 70 kms from Shimla. Here, the white water rafting starts from Pandoha and ends in Tattapani.

The exotic destination with the majestic Himalayas in the backdrop offer steep challenges to world-class professionals. Till date, Canada, Slovakia, and Russia have competed in the Rafting Cup along with India. The international Rafting Cup of Himachal Pradesh is whole - heartedly supported by The Department of Tourism Government of Himachal Pradesh. It endeavors to highlight the individual skills along with composite skills as a team that is highly required to maneuver a raft down a grade 3 to 5 river.

The rafting champions are evaluated through tough challenges with Head To Head Sprint, Slalom and Down River Race. Several upstream and downstream gates along with holes, waves and rocks require high level of expertise to cross especially when they are to be conquered as fast as possible. The true test is actually of deep understanding, planning and negotiating skills of the participants of Rafting Cup. Both men and women participate in the Rafting Cup in Himachal Pradesh in separate groups and pose stiff challenges among international groups.

Renuka Fair

The state of Himachal Pradesh celebrates numerous festivals and fairs. The people are fun loving and they religiously rejoice in all the festivals. One such fair is the Renuka Fair, which takes place in the Sirmur district of Himachal Pradesh. The Renuka fair in the Sirmur district is held on the 11th day after the festival of Diwali. The grand occasion lasts for a long period of fifteen days

The district of Sirmur has a famous lake, which is known as Renuka Lake. On the banks of the Renuka Lake is held the Renuka Fair. There is a legend associated with the lake. It concerns Renuka, the mother of the ledendary figure, Parasuram. It is believed that Renuka was cursed by Rishi Jamdagni, her husband. As a result of the curse, Renuka got transformed into a lake. This lake came to be known as Renuka Lake.

There is a temple known as the Parasuram Temple situated in close vicinity to the lake. The idols that reside in the temples nearby are all brought to the Renuka Fair, which imparts to the fair a religious intonation. It usually takes place in the November, the eleventh month of the year. It is assumed that at this time, every year, Parasuram comes to meet Renuka. He meets his mother during the time of Renuka Fair and this occasion is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor.

Sair Festival

India is an exotic country where the festivals are observed with fun, frolic and devotion. Most of the Festivals of India are joyous and colorful. The Sair Festival is celebrated in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This Sair Festival of Himachal Pradesh is well known for the buffalo fight. It is held in the month of September. The Festivals of Himachal Pradesh reflects the customs and traditions of India. The Sair Festival is celebrated with various cultural programs of music and dance. Numerous stalls are set up during the festival for selling and buying of various merchandise. The goods that are kept in the stalls ranges from garments, accessories, pottery and utensils.

Many of the festivals of the west had influenced the traditional Festivals of India. This Festival of Himachal Pradesh often reminds one of the bull fights that took place in Athens. But in the Sair Festival in Shimla unlike in ancient Greece, the common men can watch the fight between the beasts. This bull fighting show is accessible to the visitors to the fair in lieu of a minimal expense.

Shivratri Fair

Shivratri Fair is common in the whole of India on the Krishna Chaturdashi or the fourteenth day of the waning moon in the month of Phalguna (February-March). In Himachal Pradesh Shivratri takes the form of a gala affair encompassing people from all levels of society. The festival commemorates the marriage of Lord Shiva with ritual gaiety at the famous Baijnath shrine. Every year the beautiful town of Mandi plays host to a week long Shivratri Fair that is best described as a saga full of colors, joy and gaiety.

The Mandi Shivratri fair and festival is a fine reflection of the culture and traditions of the people of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The focus of the Shivratri Fair in Himachal Pradesh is on the beautifully decorated palanquins carrying all the local deities that are carried to the town of Mandi. As the folk bands blow loud in their characteristic style, the frenzied devotees flock together to sing and dance pouring their hearts out. The exquisitely bedecked palanquins make way through the teeming population to stop first at the Masho Rai Temple and then slowly proceed to the Bhootnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Shoolni Fair

Shoolni Fair is hosted on the verdant meadows of Solan District during the agreeable ambiance of the month of June. The traditional fair is basically a cultural extravaganza that brings together people from all nooks and corners of the state. A colorful and harmonious carnival, the Shoolni Fair is famed for showcasing the talents of local artists and also organizing cultural soirees that portrait the traditional folk culture.

Apart from the cultural legacy, the fairs are also an ideal place for buying and selling wares. Stalls selling trinkets, toys and food stalls dishing out the scrumptious local cuisine and pony rides, Ferris wheel and the self-proclaimed astrologers and the local athletes all add to the charm of the cultural carnival. Shopaholic tourists also have a gala time purchasing souvenirs and local handicrafts and the traditional pashmina shawls at a highly affordable price.

In addition to the Shoolni Fair, Solan with its sprawling brewery, horticulture and forest universities and pleasant climate has an opulent array of magnificent locales. Tourists can choose from a platter of exotic locales ranging from Kasauli, Barog, Chail, Parwanoo, Kiaighat and Darlaghat, respectively.

For further information on Solan's Shoolni Fair, contact:

  • District Administration
    Phone :01792-220656

Shravan Ashtami Fair

Himachal Pradesh is a potpourri of cultural splendor and diverse natural delights. The state is the focal point of India's tourism owing to its charming hill resorts as well as its fairs and festivals. The Shravana Asthami Fair adds another feather to the state's cap owing to its cultural rhapsodies.

The Shravana Asthami Fair is organized in the months of July and August in the premises of the ancient Durga Temples at Chamunda, Naina devi ji, Bajreshwari and Jawala ji. The festival is similar to West Bengal's legendary Durga Puja where devotees flock to pay homage to the omnipotent and ubiquitous Goddess Durga. Pilgrims and devotees assemble to seek the generous benediction of the Goddess.

Shravana Asthami Fair is locally known as Mata-Da-Mela and possesses tremendous religious significance. Besides praying to the Goddess, the festival is also an ideal opportunity to bring together tourists and pilgrims from different parts of the country. The sacred milieu exudes an overwhelming aura of sanctity. The strains of the melodious chants of the holy hymns can be heard from afar. The scenic beauty at dusk when the devotees assemble at the temple premises to watch the evening prayers paints a totally enchanting picture.

A visit to the Shravana Asthami Fair, resplendent in its religious fervor and the passionate zeal of the pilgrims captivates tourists with its spellbinding charm.

For further information on Shravana Asthami Fair, contact:

  • The Temple Officers and the District Administration.
    (Naina Devi ji)



    (Chamunda Devi)

Sippy Fair

The state of Himachal Pradesh is resplendent in its natural beauty that is evinced by its lofty snow capped mountains, lush valleys blossoming in the colorful seasonal blooms and laced by the cascading, meandering streams. The cultural aspect of the state is manifested by fairs of which the Sippy Fair deserves mention.

The annual fair hosted in the month of May is a hallmark of the state's splendid culture and glorious traditions. It also reflects the fun loving side of the nature of the otherwise industrious and simple local people. Set amidst the stunning background of Craigneno Mashobra, the cultural carnival is hosted every year on the 14th of May.

The traditional Sippy fair hosted in the eco-friendly state, the erstwhile Summer Capital of British India is noted for its cultural extravaganzas. The fair draws large masses of admiring crowds, comprising of the young as well as the old who gather to witness the legendary bull fighting that closely equals its original Spanish counterparts in stature.

The milieu of the cultural carnival is a colorful kaleidoscope. Exuberant children run all round the place buying toys and other cute local knick-knacks while vivacious adults catch up one another and the enjoy the daybreak of the humdrum of routine life. Tourists and adolescents experiment with the mouthwatering traditional fare being sold in the local stalls and have a gala time in frolicking time in mirth and merriment.

A visit to Sippy Fair, on a North Indian sojourn provides a glimpse of the cultural diversities of the place and ensures tourists have a wonderful time.

For further information, contact:

  • District. Administration and Panchyat.
    Phone: 0177-2657009(SDM).

Spring Festival

As the name signifies, Spring Festival, depicting the cultural extravaganzas of Himachal Pradesh, is celebrated every year in spring from 28th to 30th April. The two-day long celebrations cheerfully bids farewell to spring, the season that brings with it a fresh new lease of life to the state.

The annual fair, a wholly traditional affair that portrays the state's cultural diversities and folkway of life is hosted in the fair grounds of Lal Chand Prarthi Kala Kendra and the exquisitely beautiful Kullu valley.

The sheer entertainment value of the two-day long Spring Festival draws hordes of admiring crowds. The festival is popular with the young and old alike who flock to watch the local talent and enjoy the folk music and dance. The colorful carnival also hosts musical soirees and dramatic events. The fair grounds are teeming with tourist as well as the native citizens milling about and little children running about the place and adolescents digging in the delectable local fares.

A visit to Himachal Pradesh's Spring Festival opens up an exotic treasure trove of cultural delights that showcases the state's beautiful folk culture. For further information, the interested reader may directly contact:

  • District Administration and Municipal Council.
    Phone: 01902-222727

Summer Festival

Himachal Pradesh, the picturesque state abounding in charming hill stations celebrates innumerable festivals, which have an educational, social as well as religious character. Summer Festival is one such cultural festival that is celebrated in grandeur.

These festivities keep the cultural spirit of the state alive and introduce a dash of color in people's lives. The celebration of this cultural extravaganza commences in the last week of May or the first week of June at the fair grounds of Police Ground in the exquisite valley of Dharamshala.

The sheer entertainment value of the Summer Festival draws masses of admiring crowds. The festival reflects the arts, culture and lifestyle of the people of Himachal Pradesh. The festival is primarily a musical affair with soirees and cultural evenings. The cultural programs comprise of a gathering of the state's eminent poets at the "hasya kavi sammelan", a "Bhajan sandhya" as well as programs showcasing the talents of the local folk artists from Himachal Pradesh and its adjacent neighbors. Dog shows, baby shows and a band competition complete the picture. Besides stalls selling trinkets, food stall dishing out local mouthwatering fares, self-proclaimed astrologers and Ferris wheel completes the picture of the carnival.

The Summer Festival has strict security arrangements that take care of the safety measures and buses and other local transportation ply people to and fro. Lakhs of money are spent to make the fair a roaring success and several multinationals and large industries sponsor the various events.

For further information, contact:

  • District Administration & Municipal Council
    Phone :01892-222103
    Phone :01892-222115

Tribal Festival

Among the several of the wonderful fairs and festivals organized in the Lahaul and Spiti District in Himachal Pradesh, the Tribal Festival is certainly one of the best. The Tribal Festival of Keylong is observed with immense pomp and glory, which coincides with the independence day celebrations. The Tribal Festival is held from the fourteenth to sixteenth August every year.

The Tribal Festival attracts a large number of people not only from the country but from foreign shores also. People from the adjoining areas and the rest of the valley assemble in the area to participate in this fair. The tourism department of the state government of Himachal Pradesh has decided to treat this exceptional fair as a state level one. One will be delighted to see the colors and cultures involved in the fair. Folk artists and performers from Dharamshala, Chandigarh, Leh, Chamba, Spiti and many other regions come in this fair to show their skills. The ambiance of the festival is created with the enchanting tunes of the tribal songs and dances.

The rhythmic beats of the drum invite the spectators to take part in the festivities. Traders from different regions come with their products to display and sale it to the visitors. The Tribal Festival of Himachal Pradesh will give you the fragrance of the soil. It is indeed a festival of the land.

Winter Carnival

The Himachal Pradesh Winter Carnival is held in Manali during the month of January. During this festival many people from all over India gather here to take part in the Carnival. This annual festival attract a lot of people from the different states of the country. Here the visiting participants display their traditional colorful dresses of their respective states beside taking part in the various events of the Winter Carnival.

The Winter Carnival is not only important to the state for enhancing the tourist count there but it has now become a part of the rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh as well. During the four days of the festival several cultural events and shows are organized. In the Winter Carnival of the year 2006 the selection of the Winter Queen was a major attraction.

The white surroundings during the Winter Carnival here makes it the right time for the honeymooners to visit. The multicolored dresses of the participants set against the snow white backdrop adds a fantastic essence to the air of Manali. The atmosphere here is almost comparable to that of any fairy tale during this time of the year.

While some people visit Manali during the Winter Carnival in order to enjoy a romantic honeymoon there are others who are attracted by the scope to be a part of some exciting Winter Sports. The Ski slopes of the Solang Valley and the snow covered Rothang range are the most favorite spots for such sports.

On the first day of the Winter Carnival of Himachal Pradesh a long and colorful procession from the temple of Goddess Hidimba at Dhugri sets out displaying the richness of the culture of the state. It culminates at Manu Rangshala, the venue of the Manali Winter Carnival.

World Tourism Day

The Master of Tourism Administration, Himachal Pradesh University and SHRA have jointly come forward to celebrate the World Tourism Day on the 27th September. The event will be marked with a heritage walk, road shows, press conferences and several other splendid programs.

The>World Tourism Day in Himachal Pradesh will be flagged off with a marvelous heritage walk, which will be participated by eminent personalities and people from all the walks of life. The Honorable tourism minister of Himachal Pradesh would be an active participant and he would also address the press in behalf of the organizing committee. The theme and objective of the noble effort is to increase the general awareness to achieve continuous and sustainable development of world wide tourism.

The festivities surrounding the World Tourism Day festival in Shimla will also include educative and interesting seminars. Slide shows and discussion will be a part of these seminars. Quiz competitions on travel and tourism is to be organized in which people from all spheres and even children will take part. The tourists arriving during the festival will be greeted with flowers and sweets to receive them with a warm welcome. They will feel at home with their first few steps in the city and they surely will love to be a part of the festivities.

Water Sports activities

The Water Sports Activities in the snow fed rivers are very popular among the tourists. These activities include Swimming,Water skiing,Rowing, Sailing, Rafting, Kayaking and Canoing. The Maharana Pratap Sagar is a famous spot for the Water Sports Activities in Himachal Pradesh.

Such Water Sports Activities are also available on the Water of the Pandoh Lake near the Mandi- Kullu National Highway and the Chamera Lake near Dalhousie. The Govind Sagar near Bilaspur also hosts many such activities. The Maharana Pratap Sagar in collaboration with the Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports conduct courses on such Activities. There are three levels in which these courses are divided, the beginners, the intermediate and the advanced level.

One of the most popular and famous Water Sports Activities here is the River Rafting. The snow fed rivers here offer a challenging scope for such Sports and Activities. The most popular spots for Rafting are Beas near Kullu, Chenab near Lahaul, Ravi near Chamba and Satluj near Simla. These rivers also offer possibilities for white water Rafting. Possibilities for such activity are also there on the river Spiti. Even the non swimmers can try out on these activities on the gentler rapids in the region.

These Water Sports Activities are very thrilling and excites the adventurous people. These Activities are generally stopped during the winters and heavy monsoons. Such Activities are guided and supervised by trained instructors.

The state of Himachal Pradesh is gradually coming into focus for the rising popularity of the Water Sports Activities here.

Last Updated on : 25 February 2013