Famous Monuments in Jaipur

The "Pink City" of Jaipur - Rajasthan is enriched with architectural wonders of the by gone days which is reflected in the “Famous Monuments” of the city. The famous monument of “Jantar Mantar” reflects the rich cultural and architectural legacy of the state. Jantar Mantar is a live example of the scientific bend of mind of the rulers of Jaipur.

Astronomy and astrology has always fascinated the people of our country. Jantar Mantar was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh to satisfy the astronomical and astrological queries of the people of Jaipur in the ancient times. The observatory of “Jantar Mantar” studied the movements of stars, planets and constellations. The huge observatory was constructed according to the rules of astronomy, position of the stars, equator, latitudes and longitudes.

Jantar Mantar is also known as the "Sun Dial" as it helped in determining the exact time of the day. In those days where watches and clocks were unknown to most and a luxury for many, this marvelous creation provided the locals with the exact time. Even today, the tourist guides of the place tell the visitors the accurate time by watching the position of the sun rays on the stair cases of the observatory.

The word “Jantar Mantar” has been carved out of the Sanskrit word “Yantra Mantra” which aims at solving the mysteries of the universe through chanting of prayers and hymns. The Jantar Mantar was also constructed to quench the enigma surrounding our universe.

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh took seven years to complete this project that helped him to become one of the luminaries in the galaxy of distinguished personalities.

Below is a list of the famous monuments of Jaipur.

Last Updated on : December 13, 2011