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In the interiors of Rajasthan, there was a land where the royal ladies used to jump into fire at the news of defeat in war to save themselves from the hand of the enemies. Wondered where on earth? It is in Chittorgarh, the land of valiant men and women.

Lend your ear to the pillars and corridors of the colossal fort; you may still hear the drumbeats and the war cry, the poignant moaning of romance and sacrifice. Epic saga of valor and defiance comes alive in this rugged, wind-swept land.

Chittorgarh is synonymous with the chivalry of Rajputs, which is etched, in golden letters in Indian History.Chittorgarh proudly displays the remnants of its glorious past in the ruined forts and palaces, which have now become the tourist attractions in Chittorgarh. The history of Chittorgarh speaks of the bravery and self-sacrifice of Rajput men and women who bravely fought to the last the invaders who attacked the city of Chittorgarh three times in the medieval period. According to legend, Ala-ud-din Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi, was just allowed to see the reflection of Queen Padmini in a mirror while she stood behind a pavilion in this palace. Ala-ud-din was so smitten by her beauty that he invaded Chittorgarh to possess her. Rajput women who preferred death to dishonour at the hands of the enemy performed jauhar or mass immolation on a huge pyre. Chittogarh has witnessed about three such jauhars.

How to Reach Chittorgarh

By Air

If the tourists desire to reach Chittaurgarh by air, they may do so by stopping at the nearest airport in the city of Udaipur. Dabok Airport in Udaipur flies domestic airlines and is well connected to the major cities of the country. The airport is situated at a distance of 90 kilometers from the city of Chittorgarh.

The tourists may travel from the Dabok Airport at Udaipur to Chittaurgarh through the rail and bus routes that connect the two cities.

By Road

The tourists may travel to Chittaurgarh by road as the city is connected to some of the important cities of the country. Regular buses ply from the cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Bundi to the city of Chittorgarh.

The North-South-East-West corridor and the Golden Quardilateral Road Project are the expressways that pass through the city of Chittaurgarh. The presence of the expressways has facilitated road transport to Chittaurgarh.

The bus terminus lies equidistant from the old and new city of Chittaurgarh. The bus terminus is at a distance of 2 kilometers from the railway station and the Fort of Chittaurgarh.

Bus services are provided by government and the private operators. The Rajasthan Roadways provides sleeper coaches, called the Gray Line, connects Chittaurgarh to distant cities. Two other bus services include the Silver Line and the Pink Line.

Shrinath Travel is one of the popular private bus operators of the city of Chittaurgarh.

By Train

One can easily reach Chittaurgarh by rail from places like Delhi, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bundi Kachiguda, Indore, Alwar, Jodhpur, Khandwa, Ratlam, Mandsore, and Kota. The railway station of Chittorgarh is situated at the western banks of the Gambheri River. The city is well connected with northern part of India with several trains at regular intervals.

A large number of tourists use railways to reach Chittorgarh, as the journey is extremely comfortable and economical, making it affordable for all. Trains from Chittaurgarh include Neemach, Chetak Express, Ahmedabad-Delhi Sarai Rohila Express, Meenakshi Express and Niraj Kota Express, which are some of important ones connecting the city with other north Indian states.

Chittaurgarh by rail from Udaipur is about 110 kilometers and Ajmer 180 km, and it takes much less time than traveling by road. The railway station of Chittaurgarh is a significant junction for the West Indian railways. By rail, one can reach Delhi in about 14 hours, Jaipur in 7 hours and Ahmedabad in 4 hours.

Shopping in Chittaurgarh

Shopping in Chittaurgarh is a thrilling experience for the tourists, especially those who visit the city for the first time. There are many shopping stores which are spread randomly in various parts of the city. These shopping stores lay bare the traditional handicrafts of the city for instance tye and dye fabrics, shoes and metal ware. Shopping is one of the most popular activities that the tourists love to engage in. Chittaurgarh shopping provides a great opportunity for tourists to buy a wide variety of items.

The ethnic jewelry of Chittaurgarh is very famous all over the country. Thewa jewelry is the main attraction for the tourists. Shoes made out camel skin are very popular among the tourists. Akola fabrics are also very much in demand. The government emporiums in Chittaurgarh sell these goods at affordable prices. The local artisans and craftsmen sell a wide array of handicraft items all round the year. Toys made by Bassi village men are indeed beautiful to look and they can be purchased as precious mementos. These items reflect the rich cultural heritage of the historical city of Chittorgarh. The colorful attires such as Ghagra cholis, lehengas and bandhni sarees are purchased by maximum number of tourists.

The major centers for shopping in Chittaurgarh are Rana Sanga Market, Sadar Bazaar, Fort Road Market, Gandhi Chowk, New Cloth Market, Road Market and Station Circle.

Places to See in Chittaurgarh

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