Jaipur Gems

Jaipur Gems are a highly desirable commodity. Jaipur Gems are exported all over the world. Jaipur is internationally famous for exquisite cut and polish for its emeralds.

Jaipur is an irresistible treasure trove for shoppers. Jaipur gems are polished within the vicinity of Jaipur city. The city is famous for cutting and polishing precious and semi-precious stones-including diamonds.

Jaipur Gems are set in a local 'Kundan' jewelry style.

This jewelry finds wide commercial acceptance throughout the world. Jaipur artisans are skilled in cutting,polishing and setting of diamonds, topaz and emeralds.

If you are interested in purchasing the famed Jaipur gems then the best place to go is Johari Bazar. Lac jewelry is manufactured and sold at Manihoron-Ka-Rasta or Tripolia Bazar.

The establishments selling Jaipur gems include the following shops:

  • Beads International
    11, Film Colony,Jaipur
    Rajasthan - 302 003

  • Glass Beads, Gem Stone Beads, Wooden & Other Beads, Silver, Silverware & Silver Jewelery, Diamonds, Precious & Semi-precious Stones & Jewelry are available.

  • Classic Gems International
    2184, Deenanath Street
    Chandpole Bazar,Jaipur
    Rajasthan - 302 001

  • Silver, Silverware & Silver Jewellery, Diamonds, Precious & Semi-precious Stones & Jewelry are available.

  • Jaijinendra Jewels
    3rd Floor, 1179, Partaniyon Ka Rasta
    Johari Bazar, Jaipur
    Rajasthan - 302 004

  • Glass Beads, Gem Stone Beads, Wooden & Other Beads, Gold & Gold Jewellery, Silver, Silverware & Silver Jewellery, Diamonds, Precious & Semi-precious Stones & Jewelry are available.

  • Silver Organization
    India,Behind Jewels Emporium
    Near Panch Batti
    M.I. Road, Jaipur
    Rajasthan - 302 001

  • V Rajendra Exports
    3946, Sancheti House, Ist crossing
    M.S.B Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar, Jaipur
    Rajasthan - 302 001

  • Vaibhav International
    Bhagwati Bhawan, Heeda Kimori
    Shyampuri, Galta Road,Jaipur
    Rajasthan - 302 017

Jaipur Jewellery

Jaipur is globally famous for its precious stones and so you cannot avoid shopping the beautifully carved out jewelleries while traveling across it. Jaipur jewellery markets are one of the biggest and dynamic markets in India. The city is also famous for cutting, carving and polishing precious and semi-precious stones used in Jewelleries.

The Jaipur jewelleries are ethnic in nature and since till date the original Rajput tribe is into designing them, the end result i.e., the jewelleries reflect the true essence of Rajasthan. Special care has been taken while designing the Jaipur jewellery markets so as to facilitate the artisans and craftsman to create the beautiful pieces as well as the shoppers so that they can shop whatever they want to at one go. Johri Bazaar is lined up with shops which sell both jewelleries and precious stones ranging from the copper rings to expensive items.

The most interesting thing about Jaipur Jewellery is that it offers you a wide variety to pick out from. The world famous Kundan necklaces and the meenakari work on Gold and Silver are the speciality of Jaipur Jewellery.

For shopping Jewellery at Jaipur you can check out the following areas:

  • Kundan necklaces
    Johri Bazaar, Mirza Ismail Road.

  • Gold and Silver jewelleries
    Paharganj area in the Surajpol Bazaar
    Johri Bazaar,M. I. Road.

  • Lac Jeweleries -
    Maniharon ka Rasta, Tripolia Bazaar.
The prices of Jaipur Jewellery are affordable but if you are at the noisy bazaars in the street then you have to keep on bargaining.

Last Updated 08/21/2013