Jaipur Weather

Jaipur weather is very warm during summers and cold during winters. It is located at the north eastern region of Rajasthan . Jaipur is the capital of the beautiful state of Rajasthan and is accorded the title of 'Pink City'.

The summer in Jaipur is between April to July. The temperature in summers may rise to a maximum of 45°C at the day time and 25.8°C at night. The weather in Jaipur during this time is heavily humid. As such drinking too much of water becomes essential to keep oneself fit and fine.

The winters stretches from October to March. During winters the daytime temperature remains at about 22°C whereas it may dip down to 5°C at night. The daytime climate in Jaipur during winters are comparatively cool and pleasant but the nights are very cold with fogs all around.

Jaipur weather becomes scorching during the summer months and chilled during the winter season. Light cotton clothes are recommended for summers whereas heavy woollen clothes are a must during winters.

The monsoon season starts from mid July in Jaipur. But the weather of Jaipur does not give much relief during monsoons as rainfall is a bit scanty in this place. The average annual rainfall in Jaipur is about 64 cm. The post monsoon days are hot in Jaipur.

The ideal time for Jaipur visit is during the months of October to March as the temperature during this period is ideal for touring in Jaipur. Summers are really unbearable in here.