Kanyakumari Ambulance

Kanyakumari Ambulance services comprise a very important unit of the emergency service in the city of Kanyakumari. The ambulance services are prompt and till date have rescued many of the locals by ferrying seriously sick or injured people to nursing homes and hospitals. Most of the Ambulance services in Kanyakumari are privately maintained. However, the government too keeps arrangement for ambulance services within the city. The government ambulances are advantageous for the economically weak people as the services come either free of charge or at very nominal rate.

Kanyakumari Ambulance Services & Telephone Numbers

  1. Manju Nursing Home 273849
  2. Irudhayams Hospital 241561
  3. Chrisma Ambulance Service 231065
  4. Catherine Booth Hospital 275516
  5. Govt. Hospital 223206
  6. Gopalapillai Hospital 22321
  7. Jeyasekaran Hospital 271620
  8. Arumugam Hospital 222522
The Kanyakumari Ambulance Services had done a laudable job during the tsunami of 2004. The wild waves that struck the coastal region of Kanyakumari caused heavy damage to both life and property. A lot of the injured and stranded people were rescued and taken to the hospital by the Kanyakumari Ambulance services. Both the private and the government Ambulance services had worked hand in hand to serve the disaster struck city of Kanyakumari.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011