Kanyakumari Emergency Numbers

Tourists to Kanyakumari must keep track of Kanyakumari emergency numbers, just in case the situation demands so. Accidents are always sudden and though you might be having travel insurance coverage, it is vital to know where in the city you can find help. The most important of the emergency numbers include the hospital numbers of Kanyakumari, the ambulance services and the blood banks. Even if a stranger is in need of medical aid, you can help out the person by either calling up the hospital or ambulance services in Kanyakumari or giving the same to some one in charge of the person in need.

The Kanyakumari Ambulance Services & Telephone Numbers

  • Manju Nursing Home 273849
  • Arumugam Hospital 222522
  • Chrisma Ambulance Service 231065
  • Catherine Booth Hospital 275516
  • Irudhayams Hospital 241561
  • Gopalapillai Hospital 22321
  • Jeyasekaran Hospital 271620
  • Govt. Hospital 223206

The Kanyakumari Hospitals & Telephone Numbers

  • TB Hospital 223201
  • Govt. Hospital 223206 Govt.
  • Moris Mathias Hospital: 276009
  • Arumugam Hospital: 222522
  • CSI Hospital: 222222
  • Abdul Kadher Hospital: 240804
  • Manju Nursing Home: 273849
  • Dr. Kumarsamy Health Center: 270636
  • Kumaran Nursing Home: 231418
  • Vijayakumar Hospital: 275045
  • Bedesta Hospital: 232233
  • Jeyasekhran Hospital: 271620
  • Krishnakumar Hospital: 230021
  • J. Mathias Hospital: 223137
  • Irudhayams Hospital: 241561
  • Holy Cross Hospital: 230897
  • Moses Mathias Hospital: 232601
  • Catherine Booth Hospital: 275516

The Kanyakumari Blood Banks & Telephone Numbers

  • Kanyakumari Govt. Hospital 223206
  • AV Rajan Blood Bank 224089
  • Catherine Booth Hospital 275516
  • Kanya Blood Bank 279850
  • Dr. Kumarsamy Health Center 270636
There Kanyakumari Emergency Services are served both by the government sector as well as the private sector. The government sector serves free of cost and are hence approachable by the economically weaker people. Keep the Kanyakumari emergency numbers handy and make full use of them if necessary.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011

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