Kanyakumari Blood Banks

Kanyakumari Blood Banks are the places where needy people can resort to in case they are in need of blood. There are both government and private blood banks in Kanyakumari. The advantage of government blood banks over the private ones are that, they provide the blood needed, free of cost or may be at a very nominal price. However, the disadvantage is that they may run out of certain types of blood, especially the rare types, as the blood donors in the government blood banks, mostly donate the blood. The Private blood banks on the other hand buy the blood from the blood donors and hence they ensure that there is enough blood supply, of all blood types. In other parts of Tamilnadu, there are ESI blood banks as well.

The Kanyakumari Blood Banks & Phone Numbers

  1. Kanyakumari Govt. Hospital 223206
  2. Kanya Blood Bank 279850
  3. Catherine Booth Hospital 275516
  4. Dr. Kumarsamy Health Center 270636
  5. AV Rajan Blood Bank 224089
The norm is that any person, who has donated his blood without taking any money for the same, is entitled to the same amount of blood, of the same blood group within one year of donation. Of course a card is issued for the claim of the blood and the blood can be demanded for the donor or any of his associates.

The Kanyakumari Blood Banks are all NACO approved blood banks.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011