Cape Comorin Attractions

There are many of Cape Comorin attractions that await tourists to visit them from different parts of India and abroad. Cape Comorin or Kanyakumari is located in the southern state of India, Tamil Nadu. The place can be reached by availing trains, buses and airplanes. Kanyakumari is well connected with other major cities of India.

Kanyakumari tourism will never be complete without visiting the attractions in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu . The major tourist attractions in Kanyakumari have become important due to their lineage to India's history. In this city, tourists will find religious centers built by followers of different religions and sects. The peaceful coexistence of these religious places is reflective of the culture and society of the people of Kanyakumari.

Shopping in Kanyakumari is an experience in itself. They will get to choose from a number of products in the shops. Tourists love to collect different handicraft products made of wood, cane and seashells. Souvenirs can also be collected from the shops in Kanyakumari. Tourists also buy beautiful fabrics and textiles from Kanyakumari.

There are many tourist spots located in the Kanyakumari beach. Tourists can enjoy pleasurable time spending in the beaches. Tourists love to spend their time in the Kanyakumari beach by sunbathing or watching the magnificent sea.

Thiruvalluvar Statue in Kanyakumari is worth visiting. The greatness of this rock-sculptured statue lies in its height. It is a magnificent statue measuring 95 feet. The pedestal of this great statue has beautiful architectural works.

Among Cape Comorin attractions, Bay Watch Kanyakumari is popular among the tourists. This water theme park has been first of its kind in Kanyakumari. Tourists come to this park to enjoy the rides.

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