Kanyakumari to Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary

Excursion from Kanyakumari to Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary is indeed an exciting expedition. The Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary is a famous tiger reserve park, which is located in the Western Ghats of India. Being watered by the rains in two-thirds part of the year, the Mundathurai forest is an evergreen forest the only one of its kind in south India. The Agasthyamalai hills, the third highest peak in Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary are a one of the richest biodiverse regions in the world. There are many plants in this forest, which are endemic to the region.

Apart from Tigers, which are the specialty of the region, the Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary is also home to a variety of animals. The Mundathurai fauna include leopards, elephants, jungle Cat, common, langur, gaur, sambar, chital, wild dogs, crocodile, mouse deer, lion tailed macaque, bonnet macaque, sloth bear, nilgiri langur wild boar, giant squirrel and slender loris. Besides there are a large variety of avi fauna in the forest, which makes it an ideal destination for bird viewing.

Several projects are in the pipeline all of which are aimed at understanding the flora and the fauna in the Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary. In fact, 133 village forest protection committees are working in the region for ensuring the best of service and protection in the region. The Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary is watered by some fourteen rivers and streams including the Tambraparani, Karayar, Ramanadi, Servalar, Kadnar, Pachayar, Manimuthar, Kodaiyar, Kallar rivers. There are many dams protecting the forest from getting flooded during the heavy rains.

Transportation from Kanyakumari to Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary

The Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary can be approached from Kanyakumari either by hired cars or by buses. Bus service from Kanyakumari as in other parts of Tamilnadu is frequent and very punctual.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011