Gandhi Memorial Kanyakumari

The Gandhi Memorial, Kanyakumari is temple built in 1956, to commemorate Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Gandhi. Gandhiji, the ambassador of Indian struggle for independence is considered the father of the nation. After his death, shortly after the independence his body was cremated and the ashes disposed off in the sea adjoining Kanyakumari. The ashes, before being disposed off, were kept at the spot where the present Gandhi Memorial stands. The temple lies in the close proximity of the Amman temple.

The Gandhi Memorial, Kanyakumari is built in the semblance of typical temples pf Orissa, yet it has a hint of modernism in its design. It has been built in such a way that the rays of sun at 12 noon lights up the place where the ashes of the Gandhi were kept before disposing off. An urn has been placed in for the general public to pay homage to the sole of Gandhi. The serene setting intertwined with the memories of Gandhi counts for the peaceful and inspiring ambiance of the temple premises. The temple also houses the last belongings of Gandhi, the accessories that were with him in his last hours.

Visitors to the Gandhi Memorial, Kanyakumari are welcome to pay homage to Bapu on all days of the year. The temple premises remain open for public viewing for twelve hours from seven in the morning till seven in the evening. No entrance fee is charged by the temple authorities. Conveyance to the Gandhi Memorial is available in abundance. Cabs, buses or private cars, all of them are comfortable and reasonable in charge.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011