Kukkal Caves

A trip to Kodaikanal - Kukkal Caves, is one of the thrilling excursions from Kodaikanal that the tourists may undertake. The Kukkal caves are situated at a distance of 40 kilometers from Kodaikanal.

The journey from Kodaikanal to Kukkal caves will take the tourists through the rich forested area near Kodaikanal. The flora of the region is rich in the variegated growth of the orchids and the shola trees. A stroll in the early morning through the wooded regions is an exciting experience for the traveler.

The Kukkal caves are some of the oldest carved caves of the region. The caves are situated at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. The rock shelter is cut out of slabs of rocks that hang overhead and create the effect of the stalactites and the stalagmites.

Traces of the settlement of the Paliyan tribes have been found in the caves. The people of the Paliyan tribe were some of the early settlers and are characterized by their leaf clad attire.

Situated at a commanding height of 1500 meters, the Kukkal Caves near Kodaikanal provides the tourists with a captivating view of the Manjampath valley. The valley is home to a number of bisons.

Kodaikanal - Kukkal Caves lies on an easily accessible road that traverses through Poombarai. One can travel to Poombarai in buses that regularly ply along these regions.

The tourists may walk through the Geranium plantations and the Wattle and Pine forests to the rest house in the Kukkal forest. The caves are closely located from the rest house.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011