Kodaikanal - Perumal Peak

One of the most frequented excursions from Kodaikanal is the visit to Kodaikanal - Perumal Peak. The Perumal peak is a paradisaical place for the trekkers.

The trekkers may ascend the peak that rises to an altitude of 2440 meters. Ascending the Perumal Peak is an exciting journey that reveals the hidden beauty of the Nilgiri Hills. The tourists may capture the virgin beauty of the Western Ghats from atop the Perumal Peak.

Trekking in the Perumal Peak is easy and does not require prior experience in the adventure sport. The beginners and the novice may enjoy a beautiful hike from the foot of the Perumal Peak to the top. From the summit of the peak the tourists get a spectacular view of the wooded region around.

The trek begins from the foot of the Perumal Peak which is located at Neutral Saddle. The tourists may traverse the small hamlet called the Perumal Mallai Village where the Neutral Saddle is located.

Trekking in the Perumal Peak requires no permission and can be done by all. The journey lasts for about 4 hours which includes the ascent and the descent of the Perumal Peak.

Kodaikanal - Perumal Peak is separated by a short distance of 11.3 kilometers from the town of Kodaikanal. The region is easily accessible from the hill town of Kodaikanal.

The tourists may travel to Neutral Saddle by the buses or private cars that can be hired from the town. The journey from Kodaikanal - Perumal Peak will take the tourists through an endless chain of mountains.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011