Kollam - Aryankavu

Kollam – Aryankavu houseboat tour has attracted numerous tourists from a long time. Located on the Kollam-Senkotai Route, Aryankavu is at a distance of 80 kilometers from proper Kollam city. The place has developed as one of the important sites of pilgrimage. Aryankavu in Kollam was popular from the earlier times, when Kollam – Aryankavu was used as an important trade route by merchants.

Aryankavu is highly frequented for the temple that is devoted to Lord Sastha. Numerous people throng this particular temple regularly as well as during various festivals. Though the temple is quite old, the sculptures and wall paintings in the temple are worth-seeing and praiseworthy. The best time to visit this temple is during December, when the Mandala Puja is organized. Innumerable people gather at the temple at this time to offer their heartiest prayers to Lord Sastha.

Aryankavu at Kollam is easy to reach. There are many trains that are destined to Shencottah and each of them has a stop at Aryankavu. People going for houseboat tour from Kollam to Aryankavu can also visit other attractions near Aryankavu. The Palaravi waterfall is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Aryankavu. The waterfall is situated at an altitude of 300 feet.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011