Kollam - Chavara

Kollam – Chavara houseboat tour has become one of the most popular Kollam attractions. Located at a distance of 14 kilometers to the north of Kollam, Chavara lies on the Kollam-Alappuzha Road. Chavara South is also an interesting place to visit from Kollam. The place can be reached via boats and the ride is extremely enthralling. Since Chavara South is an island on the Ashtamudi Lake, the only means of reaching it is via boats. There are also many houseboats that are available in the area for the convenience as well as the leisure of the tourists and visitors.

Houseboat tour from Kollam to Chavara gives a clear picture of the backwaters of Kerala. Cruising through the waters on a boat tour is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The Koilthottam port lies very close to Chavara and the presence of this important port has improved the industrial infrastructure of the place. Chavara in Kollam is known for the abundant stores of mineral sands. Large quantities of mineral sands are exported to various countries from Chavara, Kollam. Due to the availability of mineral resources, there are certain industries that are established in the area, namely Kerala Minerals, Indian Rare Earths, Metals and the Titanium Complex and The Kerala Premopipe Factory.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Chavara, which attracts people going for Kollam-Chavara houseboat tours, is the Kottankulangara Temple. The temple looks heavenly when it is adorned and illuminated with thousands of lamps during the Thalappoli Mahotsoavom. The festival observed in March or April attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims. A strange custom is practiced during this festival. Men carrying lamps, dress as women and offer prayers.

Chavara Bhavan

Chavara Bhavan is one of the major destinations of the houseboat tours from Kollam. There are many ways of reaching Chavara Bhavan, but the most preferred way is via boats. Apart from Kollam, the Chavara Bhawan can also be reached from other towns like Alleppey, Alumkadavu, Kochi and Kumarakkom. Located at a distance of 6 kilometers from Alappuzha, the Chavara Bhavan is an ancestral home. It belonged to the famous and blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara. The place has presently become a pilgrim centre. Many people come to pay homage and offer prayers there. The most fascinating part of the shrine is a light that is almost 250 years old and is still in its perfect original form.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011