Kollam - Thevally Palace

The Kollam - Thevally Palace route is one of the most popular houseboat tour routes, which start from the Kollam City. The Ashatamudi Lake has made the place more enchanting. A clear view of the Thevally Palace can be obtained from the lake itself. This palace at Kollam has a long historical background, which adds to the appeal of the place. Kollam- Thevally Palace houseboat tours can be arranged by the tourists with assistance of the local travel agencies and tour operators.

The Thevally Palace is situated in the central part of Kollam. Constructed in the period 1811-1819, the palace still enraptures both local tourists as well as foreigners. The construction of the palace began in the realm of Gauri Parvati Bai. It is believed that the palace was used as a residence by the maharaja, who came to Kollam for short visits.

Another legend that is associated with the Thevally Palace in Kollam is in connection with a British resident, who lived across the Ashatamudi Lake and a beautiful damsel, who lived in the Thevally Palace. The British resident and the beautiful lady were in love with each other. The main source of communication that took between them was via his pet dog. The dog acted as the carrier of love-letters from the British resident to the lady across the lake. Unfortunately, one day, the dog was killed, though the reason behind the death remained unknown. There is a monument that has been established in the Thevally Palace at Kollam in memory of the faithful dog.

One of the major Kollam attractions, Thevally Palace is presently used by the Indian Army and Public Works Department. The entire structure is single-storey and lime plaster and laterite are the materials that had been used in the construction of the palace. An amalgamation of English, Dutch and Portuguese styles of architecture, the palace is a must-visit destination for tourists.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011