Journey along Shasthamkotta Lake

Tourists intending to undertake a journey along Shasthamkotta Lake gather at the Kollam, which is known as one of the places, from where houseboat tours along the Shasthamkotta Lake are started. Tourists take up the tour along the lake due to the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the place. The Shasthamkotta Lake is a fresh water lake, which is situated in a very picturesque location. Three sides of the lake are surrounded by hillocks. The lake is located at a distance of about 19 kilometers from the city of Kollam.

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the Shasthamkotta Lake of Kollam is that it is the biggest fresh water lake of the state, Kerala. The total area covered by the lake is 375 hectares.

There is an age-old temple called the Sastha Temple on the shores of the Shasthamkotta Lake at Kollam. This religious site adds to the appeal of the lake. The temple is inhabited by a number of monkeys. One cannot see any plant life on this lake. A larva known as 'Cavaborus' is found in abundance in the lake. These larva feed on the virus and bacteria of the water. Therefore, the water of the lake remains very clear. The Shasthamkotta Lake serves as the source of drinking water for many people living in the region.

The houseboat journey along the Shasthamkotta Lake has a charm of its own. One can get good accommodation facilities at the PWC Rest House. Other than the houseboat journey, one can also reach the Shasthamkotta Lake by bus from Kollam.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011