Kollam - Achencoil Temple

Kollam - Achencoil Temple tour occupies a significant position among the weekend tours from Kollam. Achencoil is one of the famous centers for pilgrimage in Kerala. The location of Achencoil Temple has made it easily accessible from all parts of the country. The marvelous temple is located nearly 80 kilometers away from Punalur, one of the cities in Kollam district.

Surrounded by the thick forest, the Sastha temple in Achencoil is one of the famous shrines of Kollam. According to the history of Achencoil Temple in Kollam, the idol of Sastha was set up long before the Christians dominated the region. Every year thousands of tourists come to the temple to pay homage to the deity.

Besides, the festivals organized at the temple also attract huge number of tourists. Many devotees visit Achencoil between December and January to join the festivities of the Mandala Pooja, which is one of the two famous festivals organized at Achencoil. Achencoil is also known to host the 'Revathi' festival between the months of January and February. Therotam and Pushpabhishekam are the main attractions of these festivals. Therotam is referred to the chariot festival, while Pushpabhishekam denotes the flower offering to the deity. The devotees offer huge amount of flowers to the deity during these festivals.

Kollam – Achencoil Temple, being one of the most interesting pilgrimage centres of Kerala is visited by a large number of devotees every year. Tourists from different parts of the world also flock here during these festivals to experience and take part in the celebration.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011