Kollam - Thenmala

Kollam – Thenmala is one of the popular excursions from the city. The small hill town is situated at a distance of 70 kilometers from the city. The town is a favorite destination among tourists who are interested in eco tourism. This interesting picnic spot is a perfect place to enjoy the natural scenery. Some of the major attractions of the town are Thenmala Deer Park, Thenmala forest area, Thenmala reservoir and Thenmala Dam.

The region of Thenmala derives its name from two local words, 'Then' and 'Mala' meaning honey extracted from the hillocks. The honey received from the forests of the region is reputed for its quality and contains immense medicinal value. The excellent quality of the honey is due to the presence of the vast and expansive flora of the forest.

Thenmala Deer Park is one of the primary attractions of the region where the Thenmala Rocks can be seen, which are nearly 5000 years old. Thenmala Eco-Tourism Promotional Society that functions under the Government of Kerala promotes eco tourism in the forest region of Thenmala. The region can be segregated into culture, leisure and adventure zones. The Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary located on the foothills of the Western Ghats is also part of the eco tourism program. The forest offers the adventure-seeking tourists with the opportunity of trekking and hiking. Some of the other recreational options are boating, musical dancing fountain, canopy walkway, sculpture garden and many more.

The ideal time to visit Kollam-Thenmala is between the months of September to January. The tourist may travel from Kollam to Thenmala through hired cars or buses that is available from the city. Various travel agents also organize tours to Thenmala from Kollam.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011