Kollam - Thirumullavaram Beach

Kollam - Thirumullavaram Beach tour is one of most popular weekend tours from Kollam. On a trip to Thirumullavaram Beach, the tourists can explore the natural beauty of Kerala. The beautiful beach, fringed with coconut and palm trees along with its blue clear water attracts tourists from far off places.

Thirumullavaram Beach is situated about 6 kilometers north of Kollam. Thirumullavaram Beach is an isolated beach, which presents a panoramic view of the sea. It is an ideal destination for tourists longing for tranquility and serenity. This quiet and virgin beach provides plenty of opportunities for relaxing, swimming, sun bathing and various other activities.

How to Reach Thirumullavaram Beach

The Thirumullavaram beach can be reached very easily as it is well connected by air, rail and road ways.

The tourists willing to reach Thirumullavaram beach avail the bus services that operates from Kollam town. Tourists who want to reach the beach by air can do so as the Trivandrum International Airport is located at a distance of 70 kilometer from the beach. The Kollam railway station lies nearly 75 kilometers from this beach. The road network is very developed, thus connecting the beach with Kollam and other cities of Kerala.

Besides, Thirumullavaram Beach is also one of the most popular picnic spots of Kollam. The tourists can enjoy swimming in the tranquil beach. The beach also seems to be an ideal spot for bathing in the sea. Thus, it can be said that Kollam - Thirumullavaram Beach allows the tourist to relax and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011