Festivals in Kollam

The festivals in Kollam form an important part of the socio-cultural pattern of the city. Ashtami Rohini, Kollam Pooram, Kerala Tourism Boat Race and Oachirakkali Festival are some of the major fairs and festivals of Kollam. These festivals in Kollam are attended not only by the people of the city but by that of other towns of the country.

Some of the important fairs and festivals at Kollam that deserve special mention in this context include:

  • Oachirakkali Festival – Oachirakkali festival is one of the most important festivals of Kollam. The Oachirakkali festival is celebrated in June in the Oachira Temple. Sword fighting is one of the vital features of this festival, which commemorates the battle of Kayamkulam fought between the Raja of Kayamkulam and the Maharaja of Travancore.

  • Kollam Pooram – Kollam Pooram is a 10 day festival that is celebrated in Ashram Temple. It is a Vishnu festival that is marked by a procession. The people of Kollam also burst fire crackers during this festival.

  • Crafts festival – Crafts festival is held between December and January in Kollam. The crafts festival of Kollam is a festival that features the crafts work of the artists belonging to the different parts of India.

  • Kerala Tourism Boat Race – Kerala Tourism Boat Race is held on the occasion when the great elephant march takes place in Kollam. The great elephant march is celebrated between 17th to 20th January; whereas Kerala Tourism Boat Race is held generally on 19th January.

  • Ashtami Rohini – Ashtami Rohini is held at the Vadayattukotta Temple. It is a five day festival that is marked with revelry and merriment. A number of festivities are associated with the Ashtami Rohini festival of Kollam.

The colorful and vibrant festivals of Kollam are not only enjoyed by natives, but the tourists also get a chance to enjoy and take part in the celebration.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011